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The last few days have been a real eye opener. In a short period of time, a lot of questions were answered and a primary reason people have been harassing me and others seems to have presented itself.

It is as simple as outsiders barging in on a domestic dispute between three people. All of the fake sock accounts and the various accusations that have been posted all point to people taking the side of one person in particular.

Since one of the parties could be considered a famous and distinguished person with a high profile occupation, it seems some opportunists saw some advantage by taking that person’s side.

This is similar to the support or non support of the two parties involved in the Websleuth’s lawsuit.

There are those who feel that they need to get on one side or another of certain disputes for their own purposes.

In the case of the domestic dispute, this barging in on personal affairs has exacerbated an already emotionally charged and stressful situation between the parties directly involved in the dispute.

Also, the outsiders fail to understand that in the center of this dispute are children who are being used as pawns in a marital chess game and their interference is not helping matters.

For some strange reason, a number of individuals out there seems to have thought that I had taken sides in the dispute or had made some negative efforts against two of the parties. This is not the case.

One of the parties, who had kept his account private, suddenly opened it to public. When he did that, he also followed me. Curious as to why, I sent him a follow request. Shortly thereafter the party called my mobile phone and left me a message. I called the number back and explained why I did the follow request.

The person told me that he had seen my name mentioned quite frequently in the other person’s account and wanted to find out how I fit into the situation.

I told him that I was not interested in the dispute between him and the others and that my interest was in setting the record straight regarding accusations made against me by a number of people who refuse to identify who they are or how they came to draw their conclusions.

After that call, It was made clear that I was not interested in the dispute and that there is no need to discuss the matter with me. He agreed and we have not spoken since.

It is unfortunate that there are those out there who are making a stressful situation worse for a family. These people have no reason to be barging in where they do not belong and making fake sock accounts attacking the people involved.

The problem is, however is the outsiders will continue their actions and the blame game is deeply engrained in their personalities.

I sincerely hope that the parties in the domestic dispute are able to come to some agreement that will allow all of them to move forward to a new future. I am staying out of it and I suggest others do so as well.

Stay tuned