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ftbOver the years I have argued that many of the things the haters claim I said or wrote was altered content. I put up several examples in my other blog of where and how this was done. It seemed, however that the proof was not enough and also, the Ohio blogger who created some of the altered content removed the forum where it was posted.

Then, a few hours ago, it happened again. A new troll put up yet another fake blog and altered each article I placed in this blog. The troll would steal the article off of this blog and completely change it.

levihackedThe troll does not care she has been caught and keeps right on doing it anyway. By continuing to do this, however, the troll is proving that I have been telling the truth all of these years. The troll has proven that just because my name appears on something, I may not be responsible for it.

This time, however, there are others watching. Others who are respected and can attest to the content not being written by me.

The contents of the fake blog are being downloaded and preserved. This time the proof will not be hidden and the trolls will be unable to run away from what they have done.

It is easy for someone to put counterfeit content on the internet. That content can be in any form. Instant messages, text messages, Twitter and Facebook postings. Even video and audio content can be manipulated in the same manner.

fake911There is a twitter user named Popsbackup that has always demanded proof of my claims. He has it now. Either he or one of his associates has provided it.

The truth is now out there and I have been vindicated.

Stay tuned