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cult of hateI found this twitter post both telling and rather sad. “Some people just aren’t happy unless drama is swirling all around them. If they don’t have it – they make it. ” The reason for that is because the person who made the post is guilty of just that.

For YEARS this person has made up her own drama when she was not paid attention to. She feels the need to be paid attention to and to be popular. It does not matter what she needs to get her attention, she will do what it takes, be it good or evil.

She is not the only troll out for attention, there are a few others. They seek only the negative and never the positive. They strive to tear people down and never strive to build people up.

liartrollThey lie, cheat, they humiliate, they demean, and they destroy. They do not care how what they do affects people. The more they can ruin people the happier they are. They are happy when others are sad. They are not constructive, they are destructive. They remain in the dark, they remain secretive.

They accuse me of the same but it is they who seek me out. I block them, I avoid them but they seek me out in spite of these efforts. They create blog after blog, sock account after sock account. They steal my images and modify them.

stalkingthumbIt seems there is no stopping them. I fight against the theft of what is mine only to have them lie and say what is mine is not mine. To prove them wrong would cost me money I do not have and they use this to deprive me of my rights to my own property.

I have come to the realization that they will never stop. Everything I say and everything I do will be under their prying eyes. They will stalk, they will seek and they will destroy.

In spite of all of this I will tread forward and carry the burden of their hate with me.

journeyI am uncertain what journey lies ahead of me in 2015 but journey I will. I will never give up but will modify my journey from its original intended destination.

That new journey will begin soon

Stay tuned