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cult of hateThe haters constantly accuse me of never admitting my mistakes. They forget the caretaker letter incident. This is a mistake that cost me dearly. It is also a story that is not complete. I do not intend to complete in here.

The person who can complete the story is unable to do so for their own reasons. I respect the decision even at great personal cost and the reason for my silence is now obsolete. To reveal the reason would serve no useful purpose.

At the time I wrote the caretaker letter, there were actually three of four of them. None of them got the attention mine did. I wrote it the way I did in order to trick who MIGHT have had Trenton into thinking that I knew who that was.

I should have contacted the family for their approval. I did not and will forever regret that decision. When a local TV reporter arrived at my house, rather than say “no comment” and tell him to leave the private property he was at, I made my confession and explained my reasoning.

People make mistakes. I have made my share of mine and others have made their mistakes as well.

Risks are taken that may result in mistakes, I took that risk and failed. Will I take such a risk again? The answer is no. No concern over a missing child or person is worth the risks I have taken to find the answers.

It is better just to play it safe.

Stay tuned