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Monthly Archives: December 2014

journeyAs I prepare for my new journey starting in 2015, I noticed that a certain troll is bothered by the fact that I have decided to move on and leave him and his merry band of trouble makers in the dust. I, of course, do not expect the trolls to move on and do their own thing for it is not in their nature.

bigredRather than hound people over a long forgotten rape case, they would rather go after a retired truck driver who has become bored with their antics and has moved on to other pursuits.

scalesjusticeAs an attempt to get everyone’s attention, he troll recently put up a post about having a bench warrant issued against him while claiming not to know what it is about. I find this rather odd since the reason is clearly stated in the portion of the paper that he conveniently left out of the image he posted on twitter.

It is a minor infraction that will wind up costing him down the road.

He got a traffic ticket for making an improper U turn.

So what is the big deal about that? Lots of people get tickets for doing stupid things.

The ONLY thing interesting about this is that the troll claims to be making a fortune driving a semi yet he is too cheap and lazy to pay a $300.00 traffic ticket.

Many long haul drivers make that much in a single day.

The troll has made it a big deal by not paying the fine, which would have solved the problem and not have caused the bench warrant in the first place.

He thinks that by staying out of the state will save him from not dealing with the matter and since he is a big know it all at the ripe old age of 22ish, I will allow him to bask in his pool of ignorance.

I simply do not care. He seems to care, however, about my life and others.

He went into his usual rant on Twitter about all things Murt. He or one of his trolls started at least two more blogs about…

I think this makes over 20 of these things.

His latest rant also included, of all things complaining about my new cellphone. He seems to have a burr up his ass that I have a new apple 6s.

So what is the big deal about that? A lot of people have these phones. So many in fact that the phones were on back order. I ordered the thing in October and finally got it a short while ago.

He makes comments about my financial status. Why is any of my finances his business? Why is ANYTHING about me his business? Good question. But this is typical of this troll. He sticks his nose into where it does not belong.

He delves deeply into the financial matters of a 64 year old retiree.

What Sane person does this sort of thing?

I guess this is clear cut proof that he is not sane.

Speaking of blogs. As I wrote earlier, I am starting a new journey, which is a metaphor for changing the subject and trying something else entirely different.

I blog for a hobby and also delve into various multimedia communications as a hobby. I am planning to do the same next year but this time in an entirely different format.

I will be directing my attention primarily at my peers, those of us in our Sixties and above who live in Florida and those in this age group who come here for the winter, the Snowbirds.

I will be covering such things as events within Central Florida, tourist attractions from the well known to the unknown. I might even  stream from the inside of a commuter train.

I will visit places such as Bock Towers and various Florida state parks.

What I will NOT be talking about in the new blog are Trolls, Lawsuits involving two forum owners, the actions of the Cult of Hate of which he is an active member and the various issues that seem to concern that group.

And most certainly I will not be talking about HIM. He is not important. He never was. He follows me and others around annoying them, saying bad things about them and being an overall pain in the ass.

You would think that a 22 year old would find better things to do than troll a 64 year old, but a troll is a troll. Trolls by their very nature are social deviants that lack the capacity to act maturely and leave things be.

I fully intend to cease writing about this troll and the others starting Jan, 1, 2015 or at least not very often. I might have to visit the issue from time to time if the need arises but I fully intend to avoid the subject as much as I can.

This blog will remain functional as an editorial blog on current events of a more “serious” nature.

That way the 4 or 5 people who subscribe to it will have something to read.

So, to wrap this up, my advice to the trolls is to move on and grow up. Since you refuse to grow up, at least troll someone else.

Stay tuned


Someone has been complaining about someone else doing something she has been doing for YEARS.


#tisk #tisk

Stay Tuned


cult of hateI found this twitter post both telling and rather sad. “Some people just aren’t happy unless drama is swirling all around them. If they don’t have it – they make it. ” The reason for that is because the person who made the post is guilty of just that.

For YEARS this person has made up her own drama when she was not paid attention to. She feels the need to be paid attention to and to be popular. It does not matter what she needs to get her attention, she will do what it takes, be it good or evil.

She is not the only troll out for attention, there are a few others. They seek only the negative and never the positive. They strive to tear people down and never strive to build people up.

liartrollThey lie, cheat, they humiliate, they demean, and they destroy. They do not care how what they do affects people. The more they can ruin people the happier they are. They are happy when others are sad. They are not constructive, they are destructive. They remain in the dark, they remain secretive.

They accuse me of the same but it is they who seek me out. I block them, I avoid them but they seek me out in spite of these efforts. They create blog after blog, sock account after sock account. They steal my images and modify them.

stalkingthumbIt seems there is no stopping them. I fight against the theft of what is mine only to have them lie and say what is mine is not mine. To prove them wrong would cost me money I do not have and they use this to deprive me of my rights to my own property.

I have come to the realization that they will never stop. Everything I say and everything I do will be under their prying eyes. They will stalk, they will seek and they will destroy.

In spite of all of this I will tread forward and carry the burden of their hate with me.

journeyI am uncertain what journey lies ahead of me in 2015 but journey I will. I will never give up but will modify my journey from its original intended destination.

That new journey will begin soon

Stay tuned


deaddrinkI am surprised in this day and age there are still those that make light of and condone drunk driving. There has been an ongoing debate on Twitter recently about a popular Twitter account holder who was arrested for alleged drunk driving.

What started this intense debate was the fact that someone actually started a donation drive to get the bail necessary to release this person from jail so that he could be home with his family. At first glance, this would seem to have been a nice gesture by loyal friends.

That is, until you hear the REST of the story.

It turns out that this is at least the FOURTH time he had been CAUGHT driving drunk, according to public records. There is also the fact that this person led law enforcement on a wild chase through the town striking parked cars and damaging private property before finally getting apprehended.

Fortunately, nobody was killed due to this little stunt on his part.

To understand my strong stance when it comes to drunk driving, we must travel back in time to the forth of July weekend in the early 1980’s. I was on my way to Miami, Florida driving a 38 ton tractor trailer. I was scheduled to deliver a load of food products to the warehouse of a large grocery chain at 7:00 that morning.

I had pulled over just after 5:00 am that morning at the Hollywood, Florida exit ramp To take care of a minor mechanical problem with the truck. I had resolved the problem and was about ready to resume driving when I felt a minor jolt.

I happened to glance at my driver side rear view mirror in time to see pieces of glass strike it. I exited the truck and walked back to the rear of the trailer to see what was wrong. I noticed that a large blue car had struck the trailer with such force that it had broken the rear tandem axles loose and spun them around 180 degrees.

As I approached the car, a feeling of dread went through me when I saw the young man who had been driving the car. He appeared to be asleep. I asked him if he was all right. There was no answer.

I reached out to take his pulse by touching his jugular vain and his head slumped over. He was clearly dead.

The car was a late 70’s Cadillac Coupe Deville. It was a hard top and NOT a convertible. When the car struck the trailer, it did so with such force that it went under it, peeling back the windshield and the hard top as far back as the trunk. The car had then bounced back off of the trailer and only stopped where it did when the 24 ton trailer collapsed on top of the hood.

I later learned that the Florida Highway Patrol estimated he was going over 100 miles per hour when he struck the back of my trailer. There were no skid marks. That indicated he never tried to stop or in any way avoid the truck.

While I was talking to a sheriff deputy who happened to witness the accident. A group of people pulled up in the median from the North bound lane of I-95. They turned out to be close friends of his who had lost track of him in their rear view mirror and had turned around to see where he was.

It took quite a while for the group to calm down from the emotional reaction to finding out their friend was dead. When they did, they informed the deputy that they had been at a graduation party. They were celebrating graduating from college at a party 5 miles north of where the accident happened. They were leading their friend to their apartment where he was going to stay since he was too impaired to drive the additional 25 miles to his home.

None of them had thought to either give him a ride in their car or someone else drive his car. It turns out the latter was out of the question since every one of the group were drunk as well, just not as severely as their now dead friend.

In the weeks that followed the accident I learned that the medical examiner had found that his blood alcohol level was over three times Florida’s legal limit at that time. The medical examiner went on to say that he likely had passed out and never knew he was about to die. He also said that his neck was completely broken at the base of his neck. He said the only thing holding his head upright before I touched him was his skin. That is why he slumped over when I went to feel his pulse.

The man was 25. He left a young wife and child who no longer had a father.

In the over 40 years and 4 million miles I have driven as a professional truck driver, this is the only fatal accident I was involved in.  Through those many years I have witnessed several accidents involving drunk drivers.

Each and every time I would remember this accident and how I felt for a long time afterword.

Until you are personally involved in the death of someone, even if it was not your fault, you have no idea what someone goes through.

When I see someone enabling a drunk rather than trying to rehabilitate them, I am reminded of that day when it look less than five miles driving from a graduation party to end the life of a young man simply because he had too much to drink.

Stay tuned


cult of hateThe haters constantly accuse me of never admitting my mistakes. They forget the caretaker letter incident. This is a mistake that cost me dearly. It is also a story that is not complete. I do not intend to complete in here.

The person who can complete the story is unable to do so for their own reasons. I respect the decision even at great personal cost and the reason for my silence is now obsolete. To reveal the reason would serve no useful purpose.

At the time I wrote the caretaker letter, there were actually three of four of them. None of them got the attention mine did. I wrote it the way I did in order to trick who MIGHT have had Trenton into thinking that I knew who that was.

I should have contacted the family for their approval. I did not and will forever regret that decision. When a local TV reporter arrived at my house, rather than say “no comment” and tell him to leave the private property he was at, I made my confession and explained my reasoning.

People make mistakes. I have made my share of mine and others have made their mistakes as well.

Risks are taken that may result in mistakes, I took that risk and failed. Will I take such a risk again? The answer is no. No concern over a missing child or person is worth the risks I have taken to find the answers.

It is better just to play it safe.

Stay tuned


cult of hateThere is a bit of a quandary in a question posted on the latest hate blog against me, It goes something like this:

“Why not just post the other side of the pm’s once and for all?”

There are actually two answers to this question. The first is that the version posted on the hate blog and elsewhere are nowhere near the original conversations that took place. It is rather hard to post something that simply does not exist.

aolmessagerIf the blogger had read the ENTIRE and original postings I made on the matter it would have learned that the fake pm’s were completely fabricated. There were also quite a number of short messages on TWO different private message services. Aol and Paltalk.

palpmsampleSince there are two DIFFERENT message service formats there should be PM’s also posted that show these different formats.

The PM’s used against me are only in ONE format.

The brief conversation that I did have in ONE of the messages had nothing to do with children and it is that one conversation where I made the remarks I eluded to in the post that was put up on the hate blog. I made racial slurs based on the writings of the alleged person. I am not proud of that, I was angry but that is what it is.

Someone who claimed to be behind the creation of the fake PM’s posted a sample of her work on a blog where she confessed to what she had done.



“Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Open Letter To Murt

Dear Murt,
While I can’t go back in time and change what myself and others have done to you, I  would  like to offer up my sincerest and deepest apologies to you and while I know it can’t undo the damage that’s already been done, it makes sleeping for me a little easier at night by me clearing my conscience of the horrible things I’ve done and said about you. As I look back I realize just how childish and immature ALL of us acted towards you and for what? To this day I’m still not sure of the reason but if I had to guess I would say some people were just out to get you.”


The second answer is this. The material turned over to law enforcement were the pm’s that were sent to me and were the fakes. Law enforcement asked me for the ORIGINAL messages. I told them I was unable to provide them because nobody seems to have them. All that exists are screen shots of what was CLAIMED to be the conversations I was accused of participating in.

This brings me to this question, WHERE ARE THE ORIGINAL MESSAGES? The chat utility where the alleged conversations took place has a feature that allows the entire conversation to be saved.

Why was this not done? The way the detective explained it to me is that there is a way to tell from the ORIGINAL file, if the files were in any way tampered with. This is because the chat utility has a built in time stamp that indicates exactly when each party posted a comment.

The detective also went on to say that if there were any crime committed, the samples on line would be USELESS without the testimony of ALL parties involved in their creation.

The detective also pointed out that the conversations made no sense. Both parties seemed to jump from topic to topic and in no way engaged in a fluid conversation. For instance, in one segment there appeared a comment about Anonymous and Scientology.

The comment was in between two entirely different subjects. The reason for this is because it was it was one of 27 different attempts of the other party to engage in an extended conversation with me. The person would text me and I would decline to speak with him. This process continued for over several hours as the person would change their username and try again.

The comment came from a brief comment I made to the other party and it was only that one sentence.

It is the belief of those who are experts at this sort of thing that the fake pm’s were made by “the other party” by somehow extracting the template from the pm utility. This is a method similar to what has been used on the hate blog that was suspended the other day. That blog demonstrated the ease of which content can be altered.

There is a far simpler way the fake PM’s may have been created. One of my administrators who had the COMPLETE log information to my stream site could have easily logged in as me and extracted the pm or worked with someone else to create them. Two of the former admins refused to talk to law enforcement when contacted and both are now no longer on the internet.

There is also this, I DID NOT RECORD ALL THE CONVERSATIONS I HAD IN PRIVATE MESSAGE MODE. I did not know how to do that at the time and I also did not feel the need to do so at that time.

There is STILL this question. Everyone claims those PM’S are genuine and unaltered. If that is the case WHERE ARE THE ORIGINAL MESSAGES IN THEIR ORIGINAL FORMAT?

Since 2008 this is a question NOBODY is willing to answer.

Stay tuned


ftbThe one thing people keep asking me is, why do they keep reading this blog and my social media accounts? That is a good question. I am one of hundreds of millions on social media yet these fools single me out.

The last public sustained webcast was over three years ago so they cannot complain about that. I no longer have a public multimedia chat, so they cannot complain about that. I use my Facebook to play on line games, so they cannot complain about that. My two other Twitter accounts are hardly used at all so they cannot complain about them.

This leaves just this blog and one Twitter account that has these people all wound up. The question is why.

This blog is read by an extremely low number of people. The vast majority of the readers here are the stalkers themselves.

anonpopsIf the stalkers were to quit reading here and reading my twitter account, then there would be less attention paid to my actions.

I would fade even farther into obscurity than I already have.

For some reason, however, the stalkers cannot have that. They need me around. The question is for what.

cult of hateIt is clear that the stalkers are here to stay. The stalkers will never leave. The blogs will never come down. The stalkers will never stop.

So this eternal dance continues, it will be the perpetual post counter post for who knows how long.

I am a retired long haul truck driver and I am used to being in things for the long run.

Stay tuned


ftbIt looks like 2015 is going to be the year of parody. A blog that was taken down for gross violations of the terms of service of the provider was put right back up again. It is what I expected. I had no illusions that the blog would remain down and I informed those who wrote me to expect it back.

This is the hosting service that they are using to set these blogs up. The troll is using the SAME service to set up the latest one.


This time the troll has brought up the word PARODY, as an excuse for once again putting up counterfeit content which, once again, is proof of the ongoing harassment against me.

One of their threats?

we plan on taking up donations to purchase a domain in his name and hosting it in China.”

I am surprised that these people did not choose North Korea.

This has already been done, sort of.

The FAKE pm’s and other items used to defame me are prime examples.

There have been the attack blogs made about me for years by the SAME group that either use my name in the titles or that of my domains.

They lie, of course, and state that this is the first time they are doing this.

Since the blog owner and those who are following and linking the blog in their twitter accounts indicates that they approve and condone this sort of PARODY, then fine, there are people who can also play that game.

That would mean that those linking the parody blogs are also subject to be in a parody blog as well. 

I have forwarded a copy of the statement on that blog to a number of people who are interested in re establishing some blogs that were suspended by one of the group.

One of the first parody blogs to be published will be one called 

I understand that the entire blog has been preserved and ready to be published almost immediately. I believe that blog had to do with a woman from Columbus, Ohio, A woman in Gig Harbor, Washington, a Male from Tenn, and many others.

Since this is PARODY, it means that it is not stalking or harassment. The groups support of the blog in question makes that quite clear.

I will not be participating in the parody blogs. I have a real life and do not intend on wasting it on such childish nonsense.

Many others, on the other hand, have the motive and the will to duplicate the method of creating “parody” blogs for their own purposes.

However, I fully intend to read, post links and comment on the parody blogs as they go up.

Let the PARODY begin.

Stay tuned



ftbThe troll who created the latest blog unintentionally solved a problem a few people were having. Those people wanted to expose the truth about the trolls who had been attacking them. Some even started a blog only to see it taken down by those who did not want the truth to come out.

These people have been looking for a way to get the truth posted in such a manner that it would not so easily removed. Well, the troll has provided that. I am not going to go into the details here. The information is being sent to those who may find this useful.

It is up to them to use the information as they see fit. I do not have the time or the will to duplicate what the troll has done. It is up to others to use this method or not.

Some have expressed their interest and are now working on their individual plans.

2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year.

Stay tuned


ftbOver the years I have argued that many of the things the haters claim I said or wrote was altered content. I put up several examples in my other blog of where and how this was done. It seemed, however that the proof was not enough and also, the Ohio blogger who created some of the altered content removed the forum where it was posted.

Then, a few hours ago, it happened again. A new troll put up yet another fake blog and altered each article I placed in this blog. The troll would steal the article off of this blog and completely change it.

levihackedThe troll does not care she has been caught and keeps right on doing it anyway. By continuing to do this, however, the troll is proving that I have been telling the truth all of these years. The troll has proven that just because my name appears on something, I may not be responsible for it.

This time, however, there are others watching. Others who are respected and can attest to the content not being written by me.

The contents of the fake blog are being downloaded and preserved. This time the proof will not be hidden and the trolls will be unable to run away from what they have done.

It is easy for someone to put counterfeit content on the internet. That content can be in any form. Instant messages, text messages, Twitter and Facebook postings. Even video and audio content can be manipulated in the same manner.

fake911There is a twitter user named Popsbackup that has always demanded proof of my claims. He has it now. Either he or one of his associates has provided it.

The truth is now out there and I have been vindicated.

Stay tuned