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Monthly Archives: December 2014

ftbThe actions of a certain twitter account holder indicates that that person or persons either has Haleigh or knows who does. It is at least something that should be investigated. The Putnam  County Sheriff’s office in Palatka, Florida should determine who is behind this twitter account and question him/her or them to see if there is a connection.


The family and those concerned deserve that every lead be checked out no matter how remote.

Stay tuned


haleighIt had been fairly quiet for a while. People had moved on. sort of. The so called media personality had moved on to doing what he is supposed to be doing. Covering true crime and topics of interest to his subscribers and followers. Well, that does not seem to be the case after all.

cnnI had not been able to read his various accounts because he had me blocked from all of them. I had, in turn, blocked him, as a message to him that I wanted no interaction with him. I did not want him sticking his nose into my business and I certainly did not read anything he wrote.

It turns out that he just could not stand the rejection by an elderly retired truck driver and has started in on his personal attacks of me and others once again, demonstrating his lack of professionalism and immaturity.

putsoThere is also something at play here. His actions come on the heel of recent developments in a long unsolved missing child case. Some news is coming out in public and private channels indicating that things are happening. Most of the so called bits and pieces of information coming out are not verified, of course but what is coming out is cause for concern.

A number of people have been the focus of an investigative journalist out of Minnesota by the name of Tim Holmseth. He has done a lengthy and extensive investigation of the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. The circumstances of how she came to be missing has always been highly suspect. The local Sheriff’s department has yet to solve the case (or at least say public that they have not solved it) and more people claim that the child is deceased.

In spite of these facts, the investigators have not closed the case nor has much happened. That is, until rumors started floating around in March. The rumors were not specific enough for me to publish so I ignored them. Then, once again, just recently, the same rumors have started up again.

Things are once again picking up. There is interest and activity in the case. Now, what does this have to do with those who have this untoward interest in me and my social media sites? The answer to that one is not clear. What is clear is that the attention towards me and others always seems to coincide with any activity surrounding the investigation of what happened to Haleigh Cummings.

I certainly do not have the answers nor do I have the resources to seek the answers. This is despite any contacts I may have at my disposal. There are others out there with the resources needed to get those answers.

Tim Holmseth is one of those people.

He has struck a nerve with some close to the case. These people went out of the way to shut him up. He was made out to be a kook, stalker, and someone to be marginalized. I had been one of those convinced that Mr Holmseth had problems and had gone down the wrong road with his coverage of that case and those associated in one way or another with it.

holmsethbookThe recent actions by the media personality and those around him have made me reconsider my thoughts concerning Mr Holmseth. He may have been given a bad rap.

It might be in the best interests of anyone concerned about the fate of Haleigh Cummings and the actions of a number of prominent people involved in the case in one way or another, may want to look closely at his research with an open mind.

I remain neutral when it comes to my thoughts concerning Mr Holmseth and his actions. However, it may be time for me to consider my position and am now going to review everything He has written about the case to see if, perhaps, he is on the road to solving this case.

Stay Tuned


anonpopsSomeone pulled and interesting little stunt and in the process has proven that it is they that are behind the fake socks and certain actions on the internet, mainly twitter.

Yesterday I published two blog articles. One person in particular took great interest in both articles. He made a big issue over them. This is interesting since he declared that he was not interested in what I had to say on Twitter or in this blog.

Well, he has proven himself a liar at the same exposing himself as being behind a lot of the antics going on.

Just a short while ago, I was notified by a  new twitter account. Within the new account was a link. When I clicked on the link I found yet another blog attacking me. What is interesting about this blog is that the domain link is completely hidden. There is no way to track back to where the blog originated.

The married woman that it is rumored he is having an affair with is known for stealing images such as from the link below and altering them. The alterations also include altering content.

It turns out that this sort of thing is a well known practice of Anonymous. They do this to put content up that is in clear violation of the law and thus they do not want to be subject to the rules the rest of us have to follow. That is the price of being respectful and law abiding citizens.

As it turns out, the person most likely behind this latest stunt is a “former” member of Anonymous and is also their supporter.

By going through such elaborate means to hide their ids, my attackers are proving once again it is they who are the cult of hate rather than the people that Astro continues to name in her mistaken claims.

By engaging in actions such as this latest one, the individual is providing yet more evidence to bolster my claims of being harassed and hacked over the years.

At least I can be thankful for that much.

Stay tuned


cult of hateAs this year fades into history there are a few squeaky voices trying to escape the trip into obscurity. One voice tries to hold on to some kind of legitimacy. It asks the question “what positive things have the cult of hate in the last two years?”

Well, the first thing the voice needs to do as to ask the right question in order to get the right answer.

The voice needs to learn just who it is that is the cult of hate.

It should know because it is part of it. The cult of hate is made up of people who have failed in life for one reason or another and spend most of their time on line mocking and demeaning others for the sheer pleasure of it as well as some deviant need for attention.

One prominent member of the cult of hate is a failed blogger who has spent nearly two decades attacking those around her, including her own family. She wrote blog after blog accusing people of stalking, accused law enforcement of conducting criminal investigations against her for some nefarious (her perception) reasons including getting even with her for some undisclosed personal reasons.

Another member of the cult of hate is a recluse who spends most of her time on line wishing people dead. She advocates suicide and also attacks their families. She blames everyone for her failures in life. She falsely accuses people of stalking her and worse.

Both her and the woman above have offered sex in return for violence against her perceived enemies.

Yet another member of the cult of hate is a self declared hacker who brags about his criminal actions while at the same time seeking donations for legal defenses even though he has yet to be charged with a crime.

There are scores of others who are part of the cult of hate entourage. These are the followers, the instigators, the minions.

And then there is the voice. This unidentified and mysterious person has interjected herself into something she knows next to nothing about. She does this in an attempt to matter to others. She seeks attention. She impersonates others for her own need for attention.

She spends most of her time talking in riddles. She is never direct. She never gets to any point. She attacks those who pay her no attention.

The voice and her fellow members of the cult of hate try desperately to matter in the events of the day. They do not realize that they are relics of the past. They are fading into the cold vault of obscurity. They are old news. They no longer matter. They never mattered to begin with other than as pests and vandals.

As 2014 begins to fade into obscurity, the cult of hate and their new found voice will fade into obscurity as well.

2015 will be the beginning of a new tomorrow. A new tomorrow that will not include the cult of hate.

Stay tuned



Stay tuned


The blog is back. The auto pay did not work because some idiot tried to hack my bank account. The bank had to lock down my account until I was able to straighten things out. I wonder who gave out my banking info in his doxing of me?  Tisk tisk.

Stay tuned



jumpinglessonSome people are predictable and this certainly holds true of certain trolls yesterday. Since the trolls insist on reading my twitter log, which they are banned from doing so, I decided to point out that they have the habit of reaching the wrong conclusions about what is written there as well as many other things.

I first made the announcement about the Kim expose and tweeted reminders that I would be posting about it at 8:00 pm yesterday evening. I did not say Kim who, but just Kim.

The trolls instantly thought I was going to talk about someone down here in Florida and went on a rampage for several hours.

At 8:00 PM they got their collective asses handed to them on a silver platter. They were shown for the fools they are. Did they change? Of course not. Did they admit their mistake and move on? No they did not. I did not expect them to.

Some people refuse to admit when they are wrong. They bob and weave away from their mistakes.

In this case, they also delete their twitter posts in hopes their foolishness was not seen by those who visit their accounts.

They were made fools of when they did not need to be.

All they had to do to avoid being made a fool of was to sit and wait to see what the expose was about. My ruse would have failed. The truth about the expose would have come out and nobody would have been the wiser.

The trolls, true to the nature, could not keep their collective mouths shut. They had to piss and moan. They had to intimidate.

One went so far as to threaten me with a letter of retraction. One went so far as to say I would be sued. One went so far as to say I was drunk. They said all sorts of things. One even said my possessions would be taken from me.

What they did NOT say is that they were wrong. What they did NOT say is that they jumped to the wrong conclusion. They refuse to admit they were wrong.

This is the nature of my critics. They jump to conclusions. They claim things that are not true. When their errors are exposed they post excuses. In this case they claim it was a stunt for attention.

Attention how? I am not the internet version of Anderson Cooper or Larry King or even Nancy Grace. I am a retired truck driver who has a twitter account and writes a blog as a hobby.

The trolls give me the attention by sticking their noses into where they are not welcome. Twitter gives subscribers the ability to ban people from reading their twitter log. The trolls cannot stand being banned from anywhere so they break the rules and bypass the bans.

Of course, if someone else does the same thing in return, they complain about it.

If the troll wants to dismiss what I wrote yesterday as a publicity stunt, that is her choice, wrong as it is.

What I did yesterday was an attempt to make a point.

I succeeded.

Stay tuned


jumpinglessonOver the past few years there has been a lot of jumping to conclusions by a group of people who do not take the time to fully understand what is being said or written and by who. I and others have been blamed for actions we had no part in. We have been accused of doing things that we did not do. We have been accused of being people we are not.

People have been accused of making sock accounts on Twitter that did not, me included. People have been accused of creating blogs, who did not. People have been accused of many things by a certain few who insist on jumping to conclusions without taking the time to get all of the facts and I do mean ALL of the facts.

A short while ago I published this blog article. All I said is that it was an expose on KIM. I did not give a last name. I did not give a gender. I simply said KIM.

Now, a number of people seem to have enough of a problem with me, mainly because they have jumped to conclusions in the past, that they read my twitter log and comment on what I write there even though they have been blocked and have been asked time and again to quit doing so.

Still, they persisted, calling me names, mocking my postings. They take screen shots of my postings and put them into their accounts.

Well, tonight I decided to teach them all a lesson in reading comprehension. I taught them, I hope not to draw inferences in writings that do not exist.

To be perfectly clear, I made no attempt to infer any specific individual. I took great care not to mention Gender or occupation or any other clue that would direct anyone to conclude that I was talking about a specific individual, male or female.

They did that all themselves. They came to the conclusion that I was talking about someone other than Kim JongIl, the leader of North Korea who has been guilty of some disgusting actions since he came to power. I told the truth when I said it would be an expose on Kim.

I just was not specific on exactly who the specific Kim was.

They did.

They jumped to their own conclusions. They made a rush to judgement.

They made posts claiming I was going to be sued. They claimed that my home and possessions would be seized. They said I was drunk, they said I was crazy.

They accused others of being part of the expose.

Sorry to burst their bubble but NOBODY was in on the joke. I told no one what I was doing. I wanted to see who would jump to the same conclusion.

Nobody but my critics jumped to the conclusion that I was talking about a certain Kim. My friends and those whose minds were NOT made up waited to see what the expose was about before expressing themselves.

I do not expect much to change. The critics will not admit they are wrong. They will spin what I have done here and most likely complain about it.

They cannot deny the fact that they were played for the fools they are.

Will they learn a lesson from this episode? Somehow I doubt it, but……

Stay tuned


kimil2There is a poor demented soul by the name of Kim who does not like having satire made of him. And who is this mysterious Kim and why am I writing about him? This has to do, in part with my prior blog article concerning the extremes people and groups go to censor criticism.

kimilIn this case, the person being discussed is none other than Kim Jong Un.  Kim is a good example because he and those around him employ the exact same methods the trolls did  as mentioned in the prior article. His country, North Korea is the most isolated in the world. It is even more isolated than China. North Korea has strict controls on internet content and even requires anyone with the name of Kim Jong Il to change it.

There can only be one, after all.

theinterviewAs many know, there was a satirical movie made that is due to be released on Christmas day. Kim is not too happy about it and neither is an obscure group called The GOP.

gop messageUh, no, not THAT GOP,  but one called The Guardians of Peace. It is not clear why the GOP got involved in the happenings in North Korea since they are better known for human rights violations in South Africa. It is more than likely that the North Korean Government has hijacked the group identity when carrying out the hack against Sony Pictures.

sony picturesWhich brings us to the Sony Pictures hack. This incident is a stark example of why attempts to censor criticism does not work. While the GOP has caused a lot of damage to Sony Pictures, they have also unintentionally made things worse for Kim and his country.

How is this? you may ask. Well this is my take on the matter. Up until now the movie entitled “The Interview” was a satirical story about Kim that would have garnered a fairly small audience. Movies of this kind are rarely a blockbuster. That is now going to change. In spite of the efforts of the GOP, Sony Pictures plans on releasing the movie. The latest information has the release date unchanged from Christmas day.

There is much greater interest in the movie than before the Sony hack since hardly anyone had even heard of it. Now everyone knows about it and why North Korea is so upset. As is the nature of the curious, far more people are going to watch the movie than before this whole thing blew up.

More people are now going to pay attention to Kim Jong Il and his antics. He is going to be made even more fun of than he would have been if he had only kept his cool and his monumental mouth shut.

This reminds me of the trolls who just cannot seem to keep quiet about the criticism against them. Even though they have managed to quell the massive amount of criticism about them, they are still at it. They bitch and complain among themselves about the actions of the “haters” who are now all silent and gone.

If they complain loud enough, perhaps they will experience the unintended consequences that Kim Jong Il is now about to suffer.


Stay tuned



victoryWhile the trolls think that they are dancing in celebrating their defeat over their critics, they are actually dancing to their own defeat. Now why is this? You ask. Because by cutting off any voice of criticism or dissent, the trolls will only be talking to themselves. Nobody else will be interested in paying attention to a group that is one sided and will not defend their beliefs or actions.

So how is it that the trolls manage to keep shooting themselves in their virtual feet.

twittersuspendedThe methodology was actually practiced as far back as 2003 by a blogger largely behind the recent suspensions of a number of Twitter accounts and the efforts to get even more accounts suspended.

humiliationThis method is defined as intimidate,Humiliate and eliminate. The primary goal is for the blogger and the entourage that follows their social media accounts is to silence any dissent. The blogger and its group does not want to have to defend its actions or viewpoints. The blogger believes itself to be right and everyone else wrong.

intimidationWhen the blogger finds a subject or cause to blog about and get involved with, the blogger concentrates all of their efforts on that subject or cause, often building up an alliance of like minded individuals to strengthen their resolve. As is always the case, there will be those voices of dissent that will question the point of view of the blogger and group and also hold them accountable for their actions.

The blogger and group, of course cannot stand this and partake in what I define as a three part action to defeat and ultimately silence those who dare disagree with them.

Thus the use of the three general actions are known as Intimidation, humiliation and elimination. Let me break down how this works.

Once upon a time there was a prominent case in the State of Ohio where it was alleged that a gang rape took place. Out of the blue came a blogger who used to live in the town where the alleged rape took place, who claimed to have made a lot of revelations and soon made herself the center of attention.

The blogger along with the entourage that formed around her soon started making accusations and posting what they considered proof of what they had claimed. A number of people took issue with what the blogger and the entourage were claiming and doing and started to challenge them.

rapeapologistThis soon resulted in the first part of their plan and that was to Humiliate the critics. The group engaged in name calling. They were soon labeled as Rape Apologists.  The group soon delved into the personal lives of the critics humiliating the friends and families of the critics.

doxingaThen their actions morphed into intimidation. Threats were made and then followed through regarding employers being contacted and told they were employing a “rape apologist.” Personal social media websites began to be hacked and personal information such as a cable tv bill, home addresses, telephone numbers and so forth posted on Doxing sites.

In the most extreme case, one teenager was named as “The Gang Rape Mastermind” which resulted in a civil lawsuit against the blogger whose website the accusations were posted.

Some of the critics of the blogger and the entourage soon created their own blogs and Anonymous Twitter accounts to counter their accusations.

This led to the third part of the blogger’s plan. Eliminate the critics, silence them. This was accomplished by constantly complaining to Twitter about the critic’s account with false claims and finally getting an increasing number of accounts suspended.

Those Twitter accounts not suspended simply gave up in disgust and either took down their accounts, went private, or simply quit talking about the subject of gang rape altogether.

Several blogs criticizing the blogger and its actions also were suspended due to questionable complaints.

So the group can now dance their victory dance and bask in the glory of silencing their critics.

As I said earlier, their perception of victory is completely wrong. Yes, they now have the freedom to say and do just about anything they want with no resistance from their critics.

That is because nobody is going to pay any attention to them. What the group fails to realize is that anyone that only allows a single point of view will simply bore anyone reading what they post. Even like minded people will turn away since they are only repeating what others have said. It is like watching the same boring movie over and over again. You know the ending so why bother.

Those who allow critics to challenge their point of view and actions will gain the attention of a greater number of people because there will be the desire to see who has the better argument and who may be right. Heated and impassioned debate that respects all sides will go farther to strengthen a point of view and may well discover a solution to a problem that nobody had thought off.

rushAn interesting example of how this concept works is to look at Rush Limbaugh.

rush2 You either hate Rush or you love Rush.

There is no middle ground. Rush Limbaugh not only does the opposite of the group I have been discussing, he goes out of his way to encourage dissent. He inflames those who oppose him. Because of this, Rush has gone from a washed out disk jockey to being the most listened to and highest paid Radio personality on the air today.rushnetworth

Many of the more well known personalities on Radio, TV and on Social Media garner huge followings because they encourage intense debate by those with all points of view.

These well paid personalities with huge followings do not go around whining that they are being harassed and stalked.

There are some bloggers who need to learn from Rush and the other successful talents out there.

rosiecrotchEven the fat, hated, has been actress, who mangled the national anthem has a bigger audience.

Stay tuned