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ftbIt looks like 2015 is going to be the year of parody. A blog that was taken down for gross violations of the terms of service of the provider was put right back up again. It is what I expected. I had no illusions that the blog would remain down and I informed those who wrote me to expect it back.

This is the hosting service that they are using to set these blogs up. The troll is using the SAME service to set up the latest one.


This time the troll has brought up the word PARODY, as an excuse for once again putting up counterfeit content which, once again, is proof of the ongoing harassment against me.

One of their threats?

we plan on taking up donations to purchase a domain in his name and hosting it in China.”

I am surprised that these people did not choose North Korea.

This has already been done, sort of.

The FAKE pm’s and other items used to defame me are prime examples.

There have been the attack blogs made about me for years by the SAME group that either use my name in the titles or that of my domains.

They lie, of course, and state that this is the first time they are doing this.

Since the blog owner and those who are following and linking the blog in their twitter accounts indicates that they approve and condone this sort of PARODY, then fine, there are people who can also play that game.

That would mean that those linking the parody blogs are also subject to be in a parody blog as well. 

I have forwarded a copy of the statement on that blog to a number of people who are interested in re establishing some blogs that were suspended by one of the group.

One of the first parody blogs to be published will be one called 

I understand that the entire blog has been preserved and ready to be published almost immediately. I believe that blog had to do with a woman from Columbus, Ohio, A woman in Gig Harbor, Washington, a Male from Tenn, and many others.

Since this is PARODY, it means that it is not stalking or harassment. The groups support of the blog in question makes that quite clear.

I will not be participating in the parody blogs. I have a real life and do not intend on wasting it on such childish nonsense.

Many others, on the other hand, have the motive and the will to duplicate the method of creating “parody” blogs for their own purposes.

However, I fully intend to read, post links and comment on the parody blogs as they go up.

Let the PARODY begin.

Stay tuned