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anonfireprotestPeople often ask me why I am such a harsh critic of Anonymous. The reasons are many and go back to this exact date in 2009. Anonymous started spamming my chat on Paltalk. Anonymous hacked my websites and put up pornography. That was the beginning of an onslaught that continues to this day.

anonfireJust this evening Anonymous is yet again threatening to send me pornography, in this case GAY pornography.

popspornthreatNow, why would a member of Anonymous (or supporter as he calls himself. He claims not to be an OFFICIAL member of Anonymous.) send an elderly retired man who writes in a blog that fewer than a dozen read?

mailinglistpornThe reason is because I posted photos on twitter of members of Anonymous engaging in some rather interesting actions. I did not take those photos, mind you. The photos are easily found simply by googling #ferguson or even using the hastag on a Twitter search.

The Anonymous member in question decided to blame ME for the photos and after quite a number of unwanted messages on Twitter, he made the threat to send me GAY pornography.

Anonymous has a history of such actions. It is Anonymous that hacks into and tampers with internet content. It is Anonymous who dox people who “cross the path of the hive.” Doxing, by the way is the thorough posting of all kinds of personal information about their target. It is a form of intimidation that Anonymous does well.

So remember this. If you dare make a critical opinion against what Anonymous might be saying or doing, you may run the risk of your 10 year old grandchild getting a dildo in the mail.

Stay tuned