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cult of hateThere is a bit of a quandary in a question posted on the latest hate blog against me, It goes something like this:

“Why not just post the other side of the pm’s once and for all?”

There are actually two answers to this question. The first is that the version posted on the hate blog and elsewhere are nowhere near the original conversations that took place. It is rather hard to post something that simply does not exist.

aolmessagerIf the blogger had read the ENTIRE and original postings I made on the matter it would have learned that the fake pm’s were completely fabricated. There were also quite a number of short messages on TWO different private message services. Aol and Paltalk.

palpmsampleSince there are two DIFFERENT message service formats there should be PM’s also posted that show these different formats.

The PM’s used against me are only in ONE format.

The brief conversation that I did have in ONE of the messages had nothing to do with children and it is that one conversation where I made the remarks I eluded to in the post that was put up on the hate blog. I made racial slurs based on the writings of the alleged person. I am not proud of that, I was angry but that is what it is.

Someone who claimed to be behind the creation of the fake PM’s posted a sample of her work on a blog where she confessed to what she had done.



“Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Open Letter To Murt

Dear Murt,
While I can’t go back in time and change what myself and others have done to you, I  would  like to offer up my sincerest and deepest apologies to you and while I know it can’t undo the damage that’s already been done, it makes sleeping for me a little easier at night by me clearing my conscience of the horrible things I’ve done and said about you. As I look back I realize just how childish and immature ALL of us acted towards you and for what? To this day I’m still not sure of the reason but if I had to guess I would say some people were just out to get you.”


The second answer is this. The material turned over to law enforcement were the pm’s that were sent to me and were the fakes. Law enforcement asked me for the ORIGINAL messages. I told them I was unable to provide them because nobody seems to have them. All that exists are screen shots of what was CLAIMED to be the conversations I was accused of participating in.

This brings me to this question, WHERE ARE THE ORIGINAL MESSAGES? The chat utility where the alleged conversations took place has a feature that allows the entire conversation to be saved.

Why was this not done? The way the detective explained it to me is that there is a way to tell from the ORIGINAL file, if the files were in any way tampered with. This is because the chat utility has a built in time stamp that indicates exactly when each party posted a comment.

The detective also went on to say that if there were any crime committed, the samples on line would be USELESS without the testimony of ALL parties involved in their creation.

The detective also pointed out that the conversations made no sense. Both parties seemed to jump from topic to topic and in no way engaged in a fluid conversation. For instance, in one segment there appeared a comment about Anonymous and Scientology.

The comment was in between two entirely different subjects. The reason for this is because it was it was one of 27 different attempts of the other party to engage in an extended conversation with me. The person would text me and I would decline to speak with him. This process continued for over several hours as the person would change their username and try again.

The comment came from a brief comment I made to the other party and it was only that one sentence.

It is the belief of those who are experts at this sort of thing that the fake pm’s were made by “the other party” by somehow extracting the template from the pm utility. This is a method similar to what has been used on the hate blog that was suspended the other day. That blog demonstrated the ease of which content can be altered.

There is a far simpler way the fake PM’s may have been created. One of my administrators who had the COMPLETE log information to my stream site could have easily logged in as me and extracted the pm or worked with someone else to create them. Two of the former admins refused to talk to law enforcement when contacted and both are now no longer on the internet.

There is also this, I DID NOT RECORD ALL THE CONVERSATIONS I HAD IN PRIVATE MESSAGE MODE. I did not know how to do that at the time and I also did not feel the need to do so at that time.

There is STILL this question. Everyone claims those PM’S are genuine and unaltered. If that is the case WHERE ARE THE ORIGINAL MESSAGES IN THEIR ORIGINAL FORMAT?

Since 2008 this is a question NOBODY is willing to answer.

Stay tuned