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journeyAs I prepare for my new journey starting in 2015, I noticed that a certain troll is bothered by the fact that I have decided to move on and leave him and his merry band of trouble makers in the dust. I, of course, do not expect the trolls to move on and do their own thing for it is not in their nature.

bigredRather than hound people over a long forgotten rape case, they would rather go after a retired truck driver who has become bored with their antics and has moved on to other pursuits.

scalesjusticeAs an attempt to get everyone’s attention, he troll recently put up a post about having a bench warrant issued against him while claiming not to know what it is about. I find this rather odd since the reason is clearly stated in the portion of the paper that he conveniently left out of the image he posted on twitter.

It is a minor infraction that will wind up costing him down the road.

He got a traffic ticket for making an improper U turn.

So what is the big deal about that? Lots of people get tickets for doing stupid things.

The ONLY thing interesting about this is that the troll claims to be making a fortune driving a semi yet he is too cheap and lazy to pay a $300.00 traffic ticket.

Many long haul drivers make that much in a single day.

The troll has made it a big deal by not paying the fine, which would have solved the problem and not have caused the bench warrant in the first place.

He thinks that by staying out of the state will save him from not dealing with the matter and since he is a big know it all at the ripe old age of 22ish, I will allow him to bask in his pool of ignorance.

I simply do not care. He seems to care, however, about my life and others.

He went into his usual rant on Twitter about all things Murt. He or one of his trolls started at least two more blogs about…

I think this makes over 20 of these things.

His latest rant also included, of all things complaining about my new cellphone. He seems to have a burr up his ass that I have a new apple 6s.

So what is the big deal about that? A lot of people have these phones. So many in fact that the phones were on back order. I ordered the thing in October and finally got it a short while ago.

He makes comments about my financial status. Why is any of my finances his business? Why is ANYTHING about me his business? Good question. But this is typical of this troll. He sticks his nose into where it does not belong.

He delves deeply into the financial matters of a 64 year old retiree.

What Sane person does this sort of thing?

I guess this is clear cut proof that he is not sane.

Speaking of blogs. As I wrote earlier, I am starting a new journey, which is a metaphor for changing the subject and trying something else entirely different.

I blog for a hobby and also delve into various multimedia communications as a hobby. I am planning to do the same next year but this time in an entirely different format.

I will be directing my attention primarily at my peers, those of us in our Sixties and above who live in Florida and those in this age group who come here for the winter, the Snowbirds.

I will be covering such things as events within Central Florida, tourist attractions from the well known to the unknown. I might evenĀ  stream from the inside of a commuter train.

I will visit places such as Bock Towers and various Florida state parks.

What I will NOT be talking about in the new blog are Trolls, Lawsuits involving two forum owners, the actions of the Cult of Hate of which he is an active member and the various issues that seem to concern that group.

And most certainly I will not be talking about HIM. He is not important. He never was. He follows me and others around annoying them, saying bad things about them and being an overall pain in the ass.

You would think that a 22 year old would find better things to do than troll a 64 year old, but a troll is a troll. Trolls by their very nature are social deviants that lack the capacity to act maturely and leave things be.

I fully intend to cease writing about this troll and the others starting Jan, 1, 2015 or at least not very often. I might have to visit the issue from time to time if the need arises but I fully intend to avoid the subject as much as I can.

This blog will remain functional as an editorial blog on current events of a more “serious” nature.

That way the 4 or 5 people who subscribe to it will have something to read.

So, to wrap this up, my advice to the trolls is to move on and grow up. Since you refuse to grow up, at least troll someone else.

Stay tuned