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ftbThe one thing people keep asking me is, why do they keep reading this blog and my social media accounts? That is a good question. I am one of hundreds of millions on social media yet these fools single me out.

The last public sustained webcast was over three years ago so they cannot complain about that. I no longer have a public multimedia chat, so they cannot complain about that. I use my Facebook to play on line games, so they cannot complain about that. My two other Twitter accounts are hardly used at all so they cannot complain about them.

This leaves just this blog and one Twitter account that has these people all wound up. The question is why.

This blog is read by an extremely low number of people. The vast majority of the readers here are the stalkers themselves.

anonpopsIf the stalkers were to quit reading here and reading my twitter account, then there would be less attention paid to my actions.

I would fade even farther into obscurity than I already have.

For some reason, however, the stalkers cannot have that. They need me around. The question is for what.

cult of hateIt is clear that the stalkers are here to stay. The stalkers will never leave. The blogs will never come down. The stalkers will never stop.

So this eternal dance continues, it will be the perpetual post counter post for who knows how long.

I am a retired long haul truck driver and I am used to being in things for the long run.

Stay tuned