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As the year nears it’s end and my self imposed deadline looms, I feel the need to wrap things up, sort of. As I said in my prior posts, A lot of answers to questions I have had for a long time started to be answered.

While the truth of what I have learned has become more and more clear, I am not of the illusion that all is rosy and well and that things are going to get better. Just the opposite is true. A tremendous amount of damage has been done to me and others caught up in the actions of a group of evil and deviant trolls who decided to interfere with the lives of complete strangers and destroy their lives in the process.

These people do not care what harm they have caused and the lives they have destroyed. They have no moral compass. They are greedy for attention and care only for themselves. They are enthralled by the power they are able to yield.

There will never be a day when a mass of people suddenly realize that I had been telling the truth. People simply do not care. People have their own lives to live. The events that triggered these actions have long passed and people have moved on.

It is time for me to move on. I realize now that the blogs will never come down. The videos will not come down. The liars will not confess `and the liars will not make amends.

The damage has been done and is beyond repair.

So as the new year approaches, I resign from my quest for the truth and start the New Year with a renewed purpose.

I will no longer mention the trolls and what they have done in public. The only caveat will be if circumstances warrant my doing so. The criteria is quite limited so do not expect me to retract what I have written here anytime soon.

The trolls are not going to stop. There are plenty of examples out there. The mock and demean a woman who has not been on the internet in any form for more than two years. They accuse a person of acts that are quite hard to perform since the person has been dead long before the deeds they are accused of being a part of took place.

The trolls will try their best to get my attention once again. It has worked in the past but it will not work now.

Farewell and Stay tuned

A new path is about to be taken shortly