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It seems that the drunken rants by Radionewz always happens when I am either away from the computer or am asleep. I woke up about 10 minutes ago (It is roughly 4:30 am here) to find that I have been the subject of a two hour long rant by, yet again, the mysterious unknown felon, @Radionewzblog.

As is the case when I see one of these marathon rants, I have to ask “what the hell got the burr up it’s ass this time?’

This time the well known atty Kim Pikazio wound up having her name mentioned in the marathon rant. Radio seems to think that I am afraid to use Kim Pikazio’s name. Well, I have not had anything to say about Kim Pikazio to simply drop her name into the conversation, at least in the past.

Another point. Radio and I have each other blocked. Despite this. Radio reads my twitter log and addresses posts to me via tagging my username knowing full well that the posts will wind up in my e-mail inbox.

A well known fact of Twitter, by the way, is the fact that one can read any blocked account they please simply by logging out and using the assigned twitter url to access the account that blocked you. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO CREATE A SOCK ACCOUNT TO BYPASS BLOCKS so that theory went out the window.

The reason I block people is so that I do not have to sift through a mountain of spam to read posts of those that I am following or who are following me.

Within the rants that are going on as I speak  are a wide  variety of accusations. There is something about sex tapes. There is something about posts to Astro, someone that Radio recently insulted to the point that she took her twitter account down.

Radio brings up the EOS account. It has been a widely held belief on BOTH sides that this is a sock account of Kim Pikazio or someone that works for her in her legal firm. Who the hell knows? One of the hardest things to do is to prove someone is behind a sock account.

Radio uses the creation of sock accounts to blame me for them. It seems that it is supposed to be this big scandal that people can use against me, right up there with the things against me on the internet.

It does me no good to try and dispute that I made them. I am simply ignored. It seems that I am the eternal reason for the existence of Radio and those that are its fans. Radio has as much as admitted that in its rants tonight.

For three solid weeks I tried to ignore Radio and its entourage. The net result was attack after attack after attack. Two MORE blogs against me were created along with at least 6 sock accounts attacking me. This is a pattern of Radio that has been going on for YEARS.

Radio refuses to shut up and go away. Out of the MILLIONS of Twitter accounts out there, Radio chooses mine to attack continuously. Mocking people is what Radio lives for.  Very little out of what appears on Radio’s blog has to do with anything of value.

The blog contains insult after insult against Radio’s various targets. Lately it has been against one of the parties of the Websleuths lawsuit and who Radio is favoring and is not favoring.

A number of people have asked me what started this so called feud against Radio and I. It is rather simple, really. A few years back, after Radio announced it was changing it’s format from being a blog about things that matter to that of spoof and satire, the latter meaning it could lie about and insult people with impunity, I made the huge mistake of making my feelings known about the change in format.

The blog started out with mild roasting articles against friends and foes alike. It was not long, however, until the blog turned mean and crossed the line and became what is now a well known bullying blog.

Radio and those who were “guest bloggers” began to post mean spirited photos that were STOLEN from the tareget’s various social media websites. Radio also insulted the Caylee warriors and others. Radio even went so far as to post pictures of someone’s house as well as some of the offspring of the various targets of its rants.

I made the mistake of making known that I was concerned about the practice and did not like it. I soon found out that Radio does not take criticism lightly. Radio is one of these people who thinks they are always right. Radio has rarely, if ever, admitted to being wrong. Radio always claims to be right.

Almost immediately, I became the target of it’s wrath that continues to this day. Radio has the habit of tormenting people to the point where they either ignore the insults or becomes an ally and fan of Radio in order to escape the insults.

When I am attacked with endless false narratives, I do not back down. I defend myself. This is something Radio and her fans cannot stand and use to my disadvantage.

Radio has been attacking me for years because I will not back down and give in to it’s sick smear campaigns against me and others.

When I confronted Radio about its actions, I was immediately blocked from either Reading or commenting on its blog. It is one of the reasons I write on this blog. Radio reads this blog. Radio is not blocked from Reading this blog and never has been.

Radio makes the outrageous claim that I am jealous of its blog. That is one of the biggest lies that Radio posts. I am not jealous of Radio’s blog. There are many larger and more well known blogs to be “jealous” of out there.

Both this blog and Radio’s blog are small fry in comparison to some of the better known and well written blogs that the true crime readers visit to read and discuss those cases they are interested in.

And then there is Levi Page. It seems there are a lot of sock accounts directed towards him and of course, I am getting blamed for them as well. Radio claims that I am jealous of Levi and what he has been able to accomplish.

This is also a well known lie of Radio’s. I am not jealous of Levi in the least. In fact, I admire what he was able to accomplish. He is someone who at a very early age was able to create a social media powerhouse and have it come to the attention of CNN and HLN. Levi has the attention and friendship of people such as Jane Velez Mitchell and Nancy Grace.  Levi has appeared on their shows as a guest panelist.

Levi has a large following on his various social media accounts.

I am not under the illusion that I could be another Levi. I am 64 years old and do not have a journalist background. I am a retired truck driver who used to run a business. I did not take any journalism classes or have an extensive media background other than building live trucks and leasing them out to various clients.

As talented as Levi is, there are others out there to be “jealous” of if I wished to do so. Trica Griffith is a better choice. She took Websleuths to a new level when she acquired it. Websleuths is one of the most well known of several large true crime blogs and forums for people to visit as a source of information and discussion about true crime cases.

As I stated before, I blog and webcast as a hobby. I do not make a living off of the internet. I draw social security, period.

I do not know who is making up all of the sock accounts attacking Radio, Kim Pikazio and others. I lost one of my supporters because I stated my concerns about the sock creations since I was the one suffering from them and not their intended targets.

The latest rant by Radio proves why I do not condone the creation of these kinds of socks. I get blamed for every single one of them. Even when the sock account holder denies that I am not them, HOB and MurtProtector are two examples, the accusation that I am behind the accounts remain.  I do not have a clue as to who either one of them are.

The same goes for Astro. I cannot be certain that the current or latest Astro is the same one that contacted me under a different username several years ago.  Shortly after after Astro announced that a “stand in” was operating the account, the person who claimed to be the REAL Astro contacted me in private stating it was not the case and that her account had been hacked.

Twitter accounts are probably the easiest to hack on the internet. One can do so either by social engineering or other methods. Even Levi Page has admitted to having his account hacked.

Radio, however, conveniently overlooks this fact and maintains that there is no such thing is a hacked Twitter or Facebook account and that every sock created in the universe was done by me.

If I had that kind of talent, I would be making tons of money and not barely making ends meet off what little I get from social security.

In closing, I have decided a long time ago that nothing I say or do is going to change anyone’s mind. People are set in their ways. They are going to believe what they are going to believe and will never admit that their beliefs are mistaken.

As I have stated before, it would not matter if the truth were to come out and all of the negative things about me on the internet were to vanish, the latter is not possible anyway, it would not even begin to repair the damage that has been done.

At 64, it is too late to start over. I have perhaps 10 to 20 long years to survive on this planet before I die. It is only in death that I will escape what I have to face on a daily basis and it is death I will most certainly welcome when it arrives.

Living is something I wish I no longer had to endure. Michelle L McKee and others wish I would die. Well I also wish I would die.

The sooner their wish and my wish is granted, the better.