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I am letting it be known that I will no longer object to those who create sock accounts that target my stalkers and trolls. They seem determined to blame me for creating them which was one of the primary objections to them in the first place.

I HAD also thought the sock accounts to be counter productive. However, due to the reaction I have been getting on the date of this writing, I can see that the sock accounts are actually having a positive effect and for that reason I not only no longer object to the sock accounts but am asking for those doing so to increase their output.

I like the information that comes out in the sock account posts as I am finding things out that I had not known previously in most cases.

I do ask that you include me in the posts contained within rather than just directing them to a specific person. Your posts do not always get archived and disappear before I get a chance to read them.

Thanks in advance for your good work.