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constitutionThe one thing my haters have in their harassment of me in common is the insistence in bringing my family into their attacks. Now why do you suppose they do that? Simple, they are trying to intimidate me into appeasement. These haters of free speech want me to shut up and go away. 

usnMichelle L McKee tried this stunt by insulting my eldest brother because of where he chose to live in retirement from his service to his country in the United States Navy.

navynurseMichelle L McKee then went after my Sister, who also served in the United States Navy and has a son who served in the US Navy as well as a ussdDaughter that works for the State Department.

vnvofaOthers have done the same. One women actually called my Brother James, who served with honor in Viet Nam with such frequency that he had to call the telephone company and report the woman for making harassing phone calls.

usmcflagsNow this latest attack by James Thomas Olsen of me bringing up my nephew who has served multiple terms over seas in the Middle East in active combat.

James Thomas Olsen and the other haters continue to bring into the debate those who have nothing to do with the disputes on the internet.

popsssnthreatJames Thomas Olsen is a COWARD who is not man enough to confront me directly. Instead, he attacks MY FAMILY and friends who support me. James Thomas Olsen continues to read my blog that he does not like, he continues to read my Twitter account which he does not like.

cult of hateWhy, you ask does he continue to do this? The answer is simple, he craves attention any way he can get it. He does not care who he destroys in the process. He does not care that he is bringing into the debate, people who have NOTHING to do with that debate.

James Thomas Olsen, who allies himself with Anonymous, uses threats, doxing and false narrative to accomplish his goals at the behest of women twice his age.

Rather than fight FOR freedom of speech, James Thomas Olsen fights AGAINST freedom of speech.

James Thomas Olsen fights against the very veterans who have worked and still work to protect and defend the constitution of this great country.

James Olsen Thomas should be ashamed of himself and it is time he be held accountable for his actions.

ANYONE who believes in freedom of speech should be against this kind of intimidation and work to put a stop to it. If you do not, you might be next.

Stay tuned