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ontheairEver have one of those “say what?” moments? I did last night when I came upon an article in a certain blog regarding an e-mail and claims of it being altered. Considering who it was that posted the article, I found it highly hypocritical that the blogger took the side of the “damaged party.”

For years, I have been fighting a similar battle. I also have claimed that there is altered content on the internet. What was the position of this same blogger?

I am lying.

In my case, the blogger went to great lengths to dispute my claims of being impersonated and being the victim of an elaborate internet hoax.

websleuthsSo, Imagine my surprise when I saw this same blogger claim that one of the owners of Websleuths was the target of a similar hoax. The blogger did express its strong bias towards the so called victim of the altered e-mail, claiming that vulgar language was added to the letter that the victim did not use.

“The man who change and rearranged… then added vulgarities to Tricia’a email and then posted it on a blog as if it were all said by her committed a crime.”RNB

“There was nothing wrong with the actual words used by Tricia – they were warranted, but the additions of the vulgarities, threats and out right lies made it defamatory and fraudulent.” RNB

Now, the question is weather or not the e-mail was altered. If it was, then the person who altered the e-mail should be held accountable.

The same thing holds true of those who have altered the content on the internet pertaining to me.

The problem, however, is the blogger is biased AGAINST me. It is clear that bias is a roadblock to seeking the truth.

The quest for the truth depends on who you support and who you do not.

What seems  NOT to matter is the truth, no matter what.

Stay tuned