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popsslenceJames Thomas Olsen, aka @Popsbackup on twitter has made it clear that he does NOT believe in the constitution of the United States of America. He has also made it clear that he wants to be THE dictator of what can and cannot be said on the internet and WHO can and cannot be discussed on the internet.

constitutionI had decided at the end of 2014 to discontinue talking about those who have a wanton disregard for the rights afforded to all of us in this country. I did add the disclaimer that if conditions warranted, I would have to speak up.

dianedakotaA few days ago, Someone attacked the grand child of a woman I have known for several years. I do not know why the person decided to do so. Both the woman and her grand child had not been discussing matters outside of their own family activities.


The grand daughter certainly did NOT deserve to be MISIDENTIFIED as someone being involved in hard core pornography. Thus it was necessary for me to speak up in defense of this grand child.

Rather than come to the defense of this young lady, James Thomas Olsen chose instead to renew his attacks on me.

usmcflagsHe was not, however, not man enough to confine his attacks against me alone. He insisted on bringing into the debate, my family. In this case my brother and one of my nephews. Both are highly decorated United States Marines.

My nephew is active an active duty Marine who is assigned to a highly important duty that requires the highest security clearance necessary to carry out his assignment. He is also a newlywed. He is also a combat veteran who has served several tours in the middle east.

dvaMy brother, his father, is a recently retired US Marine who is a combat veteran. He has served in combat both in Viet Nam and in the middle east. He also recently retired from the Veterans Administration where he worked to help those wounded in action.

As a reward for serving their country, these veterans now have to put up with the antics of an internet troll who cannot stand someone who dares mention someone who accuses a grand child of being a porn star.

I was under the mistaken impression that James Thomas Olsen was a defender of women. He pretends to be on the side of Jane Doe, the woman at the center of the Steubenville rape scandal.

He has proven that the only side he is on is his own. He will do anything for attention even if it means putting the safety and security of those who are serving and have served our country at risk.

charlieWhat amazes me is that there was an incident in Paris France where cartoonists for a French newspaper were killed by terrorists for publishing a cartoon. The world was outraged at these actions and condemned this attempt to deny people their freedom of speech. In spite of this, there are still those who condone efforts to quell the rights of some to exercise those freedoms that our veterans have fought to protect, some paying the ultimate price for their service to our country.

vetmemorialJames Thomas Olsen is not only attacking free speech, he is also attacking those who defend it.

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