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bye100 years from now everyone living today will be dead. Dead along with them will be anything they wrote or did on the internet. Contrary to popular belief, the internet is not forever. Things put on the internet do not always remain there.

It is estimated that 70 percent of the original content on the internet since it’s creation is gone and forgotten. Content is vanishing off of the internet on a daily basis.

server1What many people do not realize or have forgotten is that anything put on the internet rests on a storage device inside of a server somewhere in a remote location. The storage device is a machine and machines break.

serverroomIn addition, new content is generated on the internet at an astonishing rate. The amount of storage place to put all of this content is being used up. It is necessary for there to be some housecleaning and that means that unimportant content gets deleted.

deleteThis means that every single blog created today, including this one, will eventually be deleted. All traces of millions of blogs, forums, social media accounts and so forth will vanish, never to be seen again.

forgottenpaulThere is also the individual delete key, the human mind. Memories fade over time. Most of what is on the internet today will be forgotten tomorrow. More will be forgotten as the days pass by and the events of today get scrolled off into oblivion.

This means that all of the hours and hours of effort to create the blogs, the forums, the sock accounts as they are called and so forth will be for naught. It will all eventually go away.

Some day, months or a couple of short years from now many will wonder what the hell all of the fuss was about. The answer of course is nothing worthwhile. I suppose it is a way to pass the time. Most of those who partake in these useless and trivial actions  have no outward perspective of the world around them.

The have no lives.

Rather than make some worthwhile contribution to the temporary world of the internet, they choose, instead to ramble on about what this person or that person is doing or has done with their personal lives.

The truth, however, is nobody cares. Certainly there are those few people who have a temporary interest in what is being said and done, but that IS temporary. The interest is a fleeting one that fades quickly.

Life moves on at a fast pace and people both consciously and unconsciously move on to the next big and important thing. There are wars to talk about, their are riots to talk about, there are movies, sports, tv shows and on line games to talk about.

In the end, what all of us consider important is in fact not important at all. That is because what is today will not be tomorrow.

Soon we will all die and what we had said or done in our lifetimes will die with us.

Stay tuned