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Because of something that happened to me tonight, I have learned what happens when I try to care about something to the extent that I take extreme risks in order to try and make a difference. Had I known what I would be going through over the years and culminating tonight, I would not have made a decision that I did over 8 years ago.

Over these past 8 years I have come to see how evil people can be towards those they do not know, have never met, and likely will never meet. I have experienced first hand the net results of the acts of deception by certain individuals.

These people are unconcerned about the results of their actions. They do not care about the lives they destroy. They live simply to exercise whatever power they have at their disposal.

What I find most perplexing is these same people profess their belief in God and all that he stands for. Yet their actions are the exact opposite of what his message is supposed to be.

If anything, the actions of these people have convinced me that there is no God or other deity. There is no ultimate reward after death. We simply die and cease to exist. To believe otherwise is to be a fool.

Up until tonight I had a certain belief that there were more good people out there than those who are evil. I had believed that eventually certain truths would come out. It was a foolish belief on my part.

It is clear to me now that the results of the actions of others will be with me until I am dead.

I look forward to that day since I will no longer have to suffer the pain that is my life on a daily basis.

I hope those out there who have been behind the actions that led up to recent events are happy with themselves and the rewards that they have wrought.

I have completely altered how I view the world and the people who reside within it.

At least I have those people to thank for making me realize the true nature of people and that there is absolutely no one out there that can be trusted.