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copyrightIt should be no surprise that once again Holly Briley is lying. She has a record of telling lie after lie for over a decade. Her latest lie is a repeat of one she told regarding the theft of my photographs. Holly Briley, you see, has no respect for the property of others.

There is the famous case where she and her husband were accused of stealing a video made by Casey Anthony and making a bundle of money off of it.


Now, once again Holly Briley is proving she is a thief once again. For some demented reason Holly Briley stalks my various social media sites, ie: Facebook, Twitter, Photobucket and my blogs and then alters them into pornographic imagry as well as in degrading images.

I enforced my ownership rights to the original images and reported her violations to Twitter. Twitter investigated and AGREED that I was the original owner of the material.

This should have settled the matter. It of course, did not.

Any HONEST person would have accepted that they were wrong and moved on. Not Holly. She does not respect the well regarded fact that the person who creates the image, OWNS it, period.

Unfortunately Twitter offers the ability to file a counter notice to once again exert the claim that the ownership of an image is in dispute. This requires the rightfull owner to go through the expensive process of obtaining a court order (this would cost $600.00 for EACH image) to require the offender to cease and desist using the image.

Holly knows this and publicly ADMITTED that she was not out to prove that I did NOT own the image but, instead, go through the expensive process to prove that the images are in fact mine, and that she is STEALING them.

Now the same thing is happening again, this time with Michelle L McKee who is using the same images on her twitter account. Once again I filed the necessary notice with Twitter and once again Twitter agreed with me that I AM THE RIGHTFUL owner of the images.

Now what is interesting here is that Michelle L McKee was once the editor of In Cold Blog. As part of her duties, she is fully aware of how copyrights work and how they are enforced. Anyone out there that may ever consider her for any kind of editorial work should bear in mind her lack of respect for people’s rights to their intellectual property.

Michelle McKee’s actions indicate that she may engage in either copyright theft or plagiarism and as a result place her employer in a position of being liable for her actions.

It is clear that those stalking me feel that the rules of society do not apply to them. I suggest anyone reading what they post keep this in mind when passing judgement on what they claim about me and others.

You just may be placing your beliefs in a pile of lies created by a pile of liars.

Stay tuned