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20152015 is the fifth year of the second decade of the second millennium. We are about the start the end of the first half of this decade with a chance to have a fresh start. 2015 is expected to be a pivotal year on a number of fronts.

A multitude of new laws will go into effect.

A slight raise in the minimum wage in a number of states including Florida will commence.

There are also changes to the lives of those who are well known in certain circles on the internet. The new year will spark expected and unexpected events that will have a long standing effect on a number of people and those who surround them.

I have changes that I am expecting in the new year as well. I am charting a new course of action throughout the year and in the years to follow. The format of this blog will be one of those changes. As I had said earlier, I am moving away from certain topics. I feel the discussion of those topics have run their course and it is time to go another way.

I will be writing in another blog as well. The format of that blog will be somewhat different than the new format that this one will take.

You are welcome to keep and eye out to see what those changes will be.

Happy New Year and Stay Tuned