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baginhuntMain item: You will be looking for a duffel bag. It is black and seems to be made out of a leather like material. It has a flat finish that seems to be worn due to exposure to the elements. It is approx 3 feet long and around 2 feet in diameter. It is roughly an oval shape and not round like most duffel bags would appear.

It has a zipper at the top that runs the length of the bag that is attached to a rigid support bar. It has two suitcase handles at the center of the bar that is padded with the same padded material as the bag.  Directly under the carrying handles on the support bar will be a trademark plate. It has printed on it the brand of the maker of the bag. It is a stamped metal plate. It is roughly an inch long and less than 1/2 inch tall (around 9mm). While not certain of the brand, it is speculated that it is a surname with at least 5 letters printed on it. The bag will be exposed roughly half of it’s size above the ground and will be positioned with the top upward as if it were placed there.

mineLocation: The bag will be at the base of an open pit mine, likely a phosphate mine or a mine for extracting a material of the same general color and texture of phospate. It will be at an edge of the mine closest to a point accessible by a street vehicle. An off road vehicle or 4wd vehicle would NOT be needed to access the area. A person would have been able to walk to the site and place the bag there thus not needing to throw it.

The bag will be at the base of one of the walls of the mine pit that is roughly 20 feet deep. The bag would have been placed rather than thrown, hence the upright position. It is the reason the bag will be in an upright position.

When found, do not touch or move. Notify by means sent in other information packet.

Any further information will be posted in this manner.

Good luck.