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Nothing can be more gut wrenching for a parent then to have their child missing and their fate unknown. Such is the plight of mother from Tennessee. This random twitter post came across my timeline just a short time ago;

pleaI have seen a plea like this before. Countless parents are heart broken when their child goes missing for one reason or another. The minutes tick by like hours, the parent dreading what could be the worst and hoping for the best.

The mother has turned to social media in her time of need, hoping against hope that someone out there has seen the two girls and will provide the answer that will lift the burden from the mother’s broken heart and make it whole again.


Perhaps this one time, those of us in the social media spectrum can look and be aware of our surroundings when we are out and about and perhaps one of us will see the two missing teenagers and contact law enforcement.

In the meantime I pray for only the best of outcomes for the girls and theirĀ  loved ones.

Stay tuned