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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Because of something that happened to me tonight, I have learned what happens when I try to care about something to the extent that I take extreme risks in order to try and make a difference. Had I known what I would be going through over the years and culminating tonight, I would not have made a decision that I did over 8 years ago.

Over these past 8 years I have come to see how evil people can be towards those they do not know, have never met, and likely will never meet. I have experienced first hand the net results of the acts of deception by certain individuals.

These people are unconcerned about the results of their actions. They do not care about the lives they destroy. They live simply to exercise whatever power they have at their disposal.

What I find most perplexing is these same people profess their belief in God and all that he stands for. Yet their actions are the exact opposite of what his message is supposed to be.

If anything, the actions of these people have convinced me that there is no God or other deity. There is no ultimate reward after death. We simply die and cease to exist. To believe otherwise is to be a fool.

Up until tonight I had a certain belief that there were more good people out there than those who are evil. I had believed that eventually certain truths would come out. It was a foolish belief on my part.

It is clear to me now that the results of the actions of others will be with me until I am dead.

I look forward to that day since I will no longer have to suffer the pain that is my life on a daily basis.

I hope those out there who have been behind the actions that led up to recent events are happy with themselves and the rewards that they have wrought.

I have completely altered how I view the world and the people who reside within it.

At least I have those people to thank for making me realize the true nature of people and that there is absolutely no one out there that can be trusted.



ontheair“No one who fucks everyone over wins anything. Ever think about that? Nor does anyone who engages in perverted judgment of others.”

This rather interesting quote appeared a short while ago by someone who has been guilty of doing just that. Not only has this person “fucked people over” it has also engaged in perverted judgement of others.

The person who made that comment needs to go through its various social media sites it operates going back several years and see that it is guilty of what it quoted in its recent twitter post.

Words mean things.

Stay tuned


ontheairThe social media world seems to be operating in the same way as the Mainstream Media does when there is little of importance to report on or comment on. Such as the case over the past couple of days concerning a blog run by an alleged unknown felon.

As has been the pattern in the past, when there is nothing for the unknown felon to post about on it’s blog, forum and twitter account. a certain kind of twitter account appears as if by magic on it’s various on line accounts.

websleuthsFor quite some time, the blog in question has been posting about a civil lawsuit between the two primary owners of a true crime forum. As is the case with these kinds of lawsuits, there is a large period of inactivity between the various steps this kind of case goes through.

During these gaps, there seems to be little out there for the unknown felon to draw upon to keep people visiting its various accounts.

twittersuspendedAfter a brief period of inactivity, the unknown felon seems to have the magical ability to find sock accounts that follows nobody except its intended target.

It is rare, if ever, that I ever see the postings of these sock accounts since they do not bother to follow me or otherwise make me aware of the existence of the accounts. It is only when the unknown felon takes the time to screen shot one if it’s creations that I become aware of the alleged existence of these accounts for which I am eventually accused of having something to do with their creation.

The unknown felon knows full well that at the very least, it is tremendously difficult to prove who is or is not behind the creation of these things. The unknown felon also understands that most of its fans and follows are too dumb to realize they are being played.

The unknown felon draws upon their bias and lack of ability to think for themselves to instill upon them the false narratives it posts about me and others. It is that sad trait of human nature that the unknown felon is able to use for it’s own purposes.

The fact that the followers of the unknown felon has the lack to think for themselves and set their personal biases aside, makes it easy for the unknown felon to accomplish it’s task.

The question remains is why does the unknown felon go through such lengths on something so mundane.

There are thousands of subjects out there that the unknown felon could draw upon to fulfill its desire for attention. If the unknown felon did draw upon other subjects, it’s blog and forum may well draw far more attention to them then the constant fictions it creates.

Answering that one single question might go a long ways toward answering other questions that have been floating around in the true crime social media circles for years.

Stay tuned


exeaviThere seems to be a new term circulating around the internet recently. It is “The Unknown Felon.” This rather interesting term is used to imply that certain individuals who have NO criminal record may be an unknown felon or someone who is a felon but who simply has not been caught.

ftbThis creates something of a problem for the person who is accused of being an unknown felon. How does one defend against such a charge?

Even if the accused goes through the trouble of obtaining the necessary background checks through either law enforcement or the various commercial background check services, this does not get around the accusation since it is such an open ended one.

anonpopsThis brings into context another question. What about those individuals who hide  behind anonymous usernames or are MEMBERS of the hacktivist group Anonymous?

astaviHow does one determine if any of THOSE people are NOT unknown felons?

Logic would dictate that it would be the obvious choice of the unknown felon (or KNOWN felons for that matter) to hide behind an anonymous username and go through elaborate measures to hide their identities.

ontheairHow does one determine the TRUE identity of an anonymous “woman” who claims to be married with children, for instance? There is no verification anywhere of a person’s gender, occupation, true character, etc, when someone puts in place elaborate measures to keep from being “discovered.”

Just what is it that someone does not want discovered?

Is the person guilty of a horrendous crime that they are trying to keep from being discovered?

Worse yet, is that person an “unknown felon?”

Is that person a “KNOWN felon?”

What ARE those known or unknown felonies?

maddieSince certain individuals are closely tied to cases of STILL missing children, these are questions that need to be answered.

Who knows what other questions might be answered if certain names were made public and certain individuals who names are KNOWN were investigated to see if THEY are, in fact UNKNOWN FELONS.

What is fair for one is fair for all.

Stay tuned



Nothing can be more gut wrenching for a parent then to have their child missing and their fate unknown. Such is the plight of mother from Tennessee. This random twitter post came across my timeline just a short time ago;

pleaI have seen a plea like this before. Countless parents are heart broken when their child goes missing for one reason or another. The minutes tick by like hours, the parent dreading what could be the worst and hoping for the best.

The mother has turned to social media in her time of need, hoping against hope that someone out there has seen the two girls and will provide the answer that will lift the burden from the mother’s broken heart and make it whole again.


Perhaps this one time, those of us in the social media spectrum can look and be aware of our surroundings when we are out and about and perhaps one of us will see the two missing teenagers and contact law enforcement.

In the meantime I pray for only the best of outcomes for the girls and their  loved ones.

Stay tuned


baginhuntMain item: You will be looking for a duffel bag. It is black and seems to be made out of a leather like material. It has a flat finish that seems to be worn due to exposure to the elements. It is approx 3 feet long and around 2 feet in diameter. It is roughly an oval shape and not round like most duffel bags would appear.

It has a zipper at the top that runs the length of the bag that is attached to a rigid support bar. It has two suitcase handles at the center of the bar that is padded with the same padded material as the bag.  Directly under the carrying handles on the support bar will be a trademark plate. It has printed on it the brand of the maker of the bag. It is a stamped metal plate. It is roughly an inch long and less than 1/2 inch tall (around 9mm). While not certain of the brand, it is speculated that it is a surname with at least 5 letters printed on it. The bag will be exposed roughly half of it’s size above the ground and will be positioned with the top upward as if it were placed there.

mineLocation: The bag will be at the base of an open pit mine, likely a phosphate mine or a mine for extracting a material of the same general color and texture of phospate. It will be at an edge of the mine closest to a point accessible by a street vehicle. An off road vehicle or 4wd vehicle would NOT be needed to access the area. A person would have been able to walk to the site and place the bag there thus not needing to throw it.

The bag will be at the base of one of the walls of the mine pit that is roughly 20 feet deep. The bag would have been placed rather than thrown, hence the upright position. It is the reason the bag will be in an upright position.

When found, do not touch or move. Notify by means sent in other information packet.

Any further information will be posted in this manner.

Good luck.


20152015 is the fifth year of the second decade of the second millennium. We are about the start the end of the first half of this decade with a chance to have a fresh start. 2015 is expected to be a pivotal year on a number of fronts.

A multitude of new laws will go into effect.

A slight raise in the minimum wage in a number of states including Florida will commence.

There are also changes to the lives of those who are well known in certain circles on the internet. The new year will spark expected and unexpected events that will have a long standing effect on a number of people and those who surround them.

I have changes that I am expecting in the new year as well. I am charting a new course of action throughout the year and in the years to follow. The format of this blog will be one of those changes. As I had said earlier, I am moving away from certain topics. I feel the discussion of those topics have run their course and it is time to go another way.

I will be writing in another blog as well. The format of that blog will be somewhat different than the new format that this one will take.

You are welcome to keep and eye out to see what those changes will be.

Happy New Year and Stay Tuned