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ontheairThe unknown felon(s) that operates the Radionewz blog once again proves it is a stalker, bully and a hypocrite. For some strange reason it felt it necessary to post my full contact information for the benefit of those out there who would use the information for criminal purposes.

Now why was this done? Quite simple, really. Michelle L McKee and others insist on using my image in in their twitter posts which is a direct VIOLATION of twitter terms of service. It is also a violation of the vast majority of on line content providers.

Holly Briley did the exact same thing and is likely the original creator of the image in question.

Radio has proven that it is also a hypocrite since when the same thing occurred with Alexandra Goddard of fame, it not only did NOT criticize her for filing DMCA notices regarding, 1: a piece of medical equipment and2, Two DOGS in masks. What is interesting is that Goddard herself VIOLATED the rights of the creators of the masks which originated in a rather odd movie made some years ago entitled V is for Vendetta.

There have been complaints by some of this very same butt hurt crowd when their addresses are posted yet they do the same thing without no consideration for the risk of personal safety to their victims.

This recent action by Radionewz should put an end to any accusation of any stalking by me or anyone else who puts detailed information on any social media site.

Anonymous calls this sort of thing DOXING, by the way and the likes of Goddard, McKee, Briley, Olsen, etc fully endorse this practice.

Since Radionewz condones this sort of thing, I call for ANYONE AND EVERYONE out there to start posting ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING about anyone they please. Post about where they live, where their family lives, post any and all public and personal information you are able to find.

NOTHING is off limits. If this is what these people want, then fine. Let’s give it to them.

2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year.

Stay tuned