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popsasskickthreatIt seems that Thomas Norman Olsen, aka @popsbackup it at it again, demanding I curtail my first amendment rights by threatening a so called “ass kicking.” This usually means a string of posts that are intended to intimidate me into “shutting up.”popsssnthreatBy posting SSN and credit card information, Mr Olsen is threatening to either commit identity theft or make it possible for some other Anonymous hacktivist to do the same.

charlieYou would think that in light of certain events that have happened in Europe, that Mr Olsen would have respect for the rights afforded in this country under the first amendment, but that does not seem to be the case.

constitutionI am but one of hundreds of millions of people on the internet who expresses their opinion on Twitter and elsewhere yet Mr Olsen seems to have a problem with my free speech. Rather than ignore what I have to say, Mr Olsen seems intent in making whatever effort  necessary to accomplish just that.

srsodeptOne has to wonder if these efforts are because Mr Thomas may be an unknown felon who is trying to cover something up. By attacking me, he might be trying to divert attention from a criminal act that he or yet another unknown felon make be participating in or has participated in.

It is a possibility worth looking into.

Anyone game?

Stay tuned


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    • Cliff
    • Posted May 13, 2017 at 7:40 pm
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    Give it up Mr Thomas is just a kid with zits who got blisters from masturbating too much.

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