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gplighthouseI sit in deft silence while certain truths remain in the shadows. A promise was made not to reveal this truth and that promise remains.

I understood at the time the promise was made what price would be paid if the truth were to be brought forward at that time.

It was that price that caused me to pay my own price for keeping a promise to someone I considered a friend.

Enough time has passed and a that heavy price, by me, has been made for keeping that promise. It is not so much for me that the truth must come out but it is for others that need to hear the truth and the fullness of the story behind it.

For when that truth comes out, a flood of other truths and other answers will follow. There will be damage for some and healing for others. But for better or for worse, in the end, the only option there is and has even been is for the truth to be told.

It is time that the truth be given the due consideration it deserves.

Stay tuned