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ontheairThe social media world seems to be operating in the same way as the Mainstream Media does when there is little of importance to report on or comment on. Such as the case over the past couple of days concerning a blog run by an alleged unknown felon.

As has been the pattern in the past, when there is nothing for the unknown felon to post about on it’s blog, forum and twitter account. a certain kind of twitter account appears as if by magic on it’s various on line accounts.

websleuthsFor quite some time, the blog in question has been posting about a civil lawsuit between the two primary owners of a true crime forum. As is the case with these kinds of lawsuits, there is a large period of inactivity between the various steps this kind of case goes through.

During these gaps, there seems to be little out there for the unknown felon to draw upon to keep people visiting its various accounts.

twittersuspendedAfter a brief period of inactivity, the unknown felon seems to have the magical ability to find sock accounts that follows nobody except its intended target.

It is rare, if ever, that I ever see the postings of these sock accounts since they do not bother to follow me or otherwise make me aware of the existence of the accounts. It is only when the unknown felon takes the time to screen shot one if it’s creations that I become aware of the alleged existence of these accounts for which I am eventually accused of having something to do with their creation.

The unknown felon knows full well that at the very least, it is tremendously difficult to prove who is or is not behind the creation of these things. The unknown felon also understands that most of its fans and follows are too dumb to realize they are being played.

The unknown felon draws upon their bias and lack of ability to think for themselves to instill upon them the false narratives it posts about me and others. It is that sad trait of human nature that the unknown felon is able to use for it’s own purposes.

The fact that the followers of the unknown felon has the lack to think for themselves and set their personal biases aside, makes it easy for the unknown felon to accomplish it’s task.

The question remains is why does the unknown felon go through such lengths on something so mundane.

There are thousands of subjects out there that the unknown felon could draw upon to fulfill its desire for attention. If the unknown felon did draw upon other subjects, it’s blog and forum may well draw far more attention to them then the constant fictions it creates.

Answering that one single question might go a long ways toward answering other questions that have been floating around in the true crime social media circles for years.

Stay tuned