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exeaviThere seems to be a new term circulating around the internet recently. It is “The Unknown Felon.” This rather interesting term is used to imply that certain individuals who have NO criminal record may be an unknown felon or someone who is a felon but who simply has not been caught.

ftbThis creates something of a problem for the person who is accused of being an unknown felon. How does one defend against such a charge?

Even if the accused goes through the trouble of obtaining the necessary background checks through either law enforcement or the various commercial background check services, this does not get around the accusation since it is such an open ended one.

anonpopsThis brings into context another question. What about those individuals who hideĀ  behind anonymous usernames or are MEMBERS of the hacktivist group Anonymous?

astaviHow does one determine if any of THOSE people are NOT unknown felons?

Logic would dictate that it would be the obvious choice of the unknown felon (or KNOWN felons for that matter) to hide behind an anonymous username and go through elaborate measures to hide their identities.

ontheairHow does one determine the TRUE identity of an anonymous “woman” who claims to be married with children, for instance? There is no verification anywhere of a person’s gender, occupation, true character, etc, when someone puts in place elaborate measures to keep from being “discovered.”

Just what is it that someone does not want discovered?

Is the person guilty of a horrendous crime that they are trying to keep from being discovered?

Worse yet, is that person an “unknown felon?”

Is that person a “KNOWN felon?”

What ARE those known or unknown felonies?

maddieSince certain individuals are closely tied to cases of STILL missing children, these are questions that need to be answered.

Who knows what other questions might be answered if certain names were made public and certain individuals who names are KNOWN were investigated to see if THEY are, in fact UNKNOWN FELONS.

What is fair for one is fair for all.

Stay tuned