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Monthly Archives: February 2015

bubbathefatPoor Bubba has not even gone on line yet and he is already being trolled. If anything proves that some women on Twitter are nuts, it is the pair that had a raging debate about my upcoming sidekick Bubba The Fat.

The ladies did let the cat out of the bag since Bubba IS a cat.

bubbameaningSo, how did Bubba come to reside here and how did he get HIS name?

catinjailWell, Bubba is a rescue. A neighbor in the Mobile Home park where I live adopted him from the Orange County Florida animal shelter. Whoever owned Bubba originally gave him his name.

She had the now three year old Bubba for two years. About two months ago she approached me with her dilemma. She was going to move to western Colorado to live with her Daughter.

catkillShe feared that she would have to put Bubba back in the same shelter he was adopted from and knew that since the shelter is NOT designated a no kill shelter, he faced a terrible fate.

I did check around and tried to find Bubba a new home. Everyone in the park either had pets of their own or did not want any kind of animal. I asked around locally and nobody wanted to adopt poor Bubba.

This is the third cat I adopted from people who either moved or otherwise had to give them up.

justiceThe first cat was Justice, who I rescued from being taken to the Lake County animal shelter when her owner had to give her up due to pets not being allowed where she was moving to. Justice became a mascot on my webcasts when she appeared behind me one day and the viewers started chatting about her. One troll actually stole this image and made a twitter account with her image on it.  Justice passed away due to eating tainted meat thrown in her bowl by a teenaged neighbor.

misskittyThe second cat was Miss Kitty. She was hanging around the mobile home I rented when I moved to Orlando. She sort of adopted me. She remained with me at the Orlando trailer until shortly before I moved to where I am at now. A neighbor wanted to take her in and I agreed since I was moving and already had two  pets,amberandme Amber, my long haired dachshund mix who was also a rescue and ambertaz1tazzTaz, a 18 year old  short haired Pomeranian.

I had the idea of making Bubba sort of a side kick/mascot since he adopted the other two cats habit of laying on the back of the chair I sit on when doing my now private webcasts.

The viewers would comment about him in chat.

This did not happen right away as Bubba took quite a while to get used to his new home and the rather playful Amber who would pester the daylights out of him and he would wind up taking refuge under the workstation in my radio room.

The two of them finally worked things out and the two of them get along just fine. Taz took the whole thing in stride. He is a mellow little fellow who just lays there and watches the other two interact with each other.

When I decided to try once again to do public webcasts, I decided to give out hints that Bubba would be coming to join me on my latest stream attempt this March.

I had wanted to keep the secret that Bubba was a cat until the webcasts but had forgotten that there are some rather odd trolls who read my twitter timeline.

One of the women had an absolute fit because she has a cat named MISS Bubba and somehow thought I was trolling HER by naming my cat Bubba.This is rather odd since Bubba is a MALE name, but who am I to judge?

She claimed that I had seen her talk about Miss Bubba on her social media account and named gave Bubba his name out of spite.


In all honesty, this is the first I have heard of Miss Bubba.

There was soon a raging conversation between her and another equally mentally challenged troll over why I named the cat Bubba (which of course you all know, I did not.) and that I would eventually get arrested because of it.

I am not kidding, they actually said that.

So now the story of poor old Bubba the fat is out. He has his own scandal and his own set of trolls that will criticize everything the poor guy does.

Such is life on the internet.

Stay tuned


undiscoveredI often use movies and TV shows as Metaphors of certain events and the current discourse on Twitter is no exception. Those of you who are ardent fans of Star Trek and this movie in particular might understand why I chose it.

The premise of the movie is this. An event occurs that requires an enemy to approach their enemy in order to seek help. That help leads to a cease fire of sorts and a mending of fences as well.

There are those on both sides, however, who do not want to see the disagreements to end and will do anything they can to prevent it from happening. The outcome of the movie is known. The outcome of the current situation on Twitter is not.

There are those who are willing to set aside the conflict to get a problem resolved. Others on both sides are not willing to see this happen and are trying to derail the effort.

My hope is that those willing to set aside will not allow the warmongers to sabotage the efforts to resolve this problem.

I am not under the illusion that the current situation is going to have any change of minds. It may, however, may change how the discourse continues.

Stay tuned


iamkimI am now the latest member of the elite group of people who have either been accused of BEING the somewhat famous lawyer from South Florida or WORKING for the somewhat famous lawyer from South Florida.


I am not really sure why such importance has been placed on Kim but I have tolerated things up to now because of the entertainment value of all the nonsense being posted all over the internet.

I had also the hope that perhaps Kim would tire of having her name put on the internet inferring that she would rather engage in twitter hijinks instead of concentrating on her law practice. She would then use her legal resources to out those behind this nonsense and put a stop to it.

She is, instead,  apparently too busy concentrating on her profession to be bothered with all of this and, quite frankly, I do not blame her. The antics on the blogs and twitter are downright childish and people of her stature do not have time for such nonsense.

Do not mistake my comments here. I have not softened my views toward Kim and some of the things she has said and done on  Twitter but I do use common sense when passing judgement and believe that she would not be involved in the things she has been accused of.

It is unfortunate that other people do not use common sense but I do understand why they do not. If they were to use common sense, they would have nothing to talk about.

Stay tuned


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PASTEVINI am about as furious right now as I have ever been in my life. I have always been angry by the abusive use of Pastebin and other file services but this latest one has me riled up. I was contacted regarding a woman who was doxed on this service. To be clear the woman in question is no fan of mine and up to this point it has been mutual.

samnudesWith that understanding it was more than a shock to me to go to this pastebin and see that someone is encouraging the sending of nude photos of this woman to her children’s school.

What in the ever loving hell is so damn important about someone that her children has to be brought into this shit fest. It is one thing for adults to engage in these pissing matches but it is quite another for someone’s children to be brought into this nonsense.

This is completely wrong and it is time that EVERYONE stop and think about what is going on. It seems that there are those out there who want to out do themselves with the use of Pastebin and other services.

We are supposed to be adults. We need not like each other but it is time we respect each other and  most importantly those among us who have children. The offspring of those of us who combat each other have no idea what is going on and thus should not be forced to endure what some adults are presently doing.

I am going to do everything I can to get that pastebook removed. I would encourage the person who put that thing up there to do the decent thing and remove it.

Stay tuned


tank4Probably one of the most important issues in the minds of the public recently is that of the militarization of both small and large law enforcement agencies. It is not unusual to tune into the mainstream news reports and see yet another incident involving cops that look more like soldiers in warfare rather than enforcing the law in rural America.

santarosatankA recent felony case involving someone who is certainly not a friend of mine caused me to do some research into statements he made on Twitter. While we might not agree on most things, I was concerned to see that he just might be correct on certain matters he posted about.

orlandotankI am certain that many of you out there in social media have been following the major news events involving misconduct among law enforcement officials. The debate about these matters have been heated between those who are on both sides of the issue.

cops1One thing seems to be apparent. As more and more small law enforcement agencies are given the powerful military weaponry we are starting to see on the streets more often, the more there will be opportunities for abuse.

tank2I remember when the Armored Personal Carriers first appeared they were at least painted to look like law enforcement vehicles. Now days that is rarely the case. They remain the standard military colors probably to look more intimidating.

It is also more common to see this equipment used in more routine situations rather than the intensive situations where such equipment might otherwise be justified.

I would encourage those in the social media both large and small to concentrate more on this issue. There needs to be a more reasonable balance is to what is necessary for law enforcement to have to protect us and the need for us not to fear the police.

swatskullgermanhelmetWhen a people cannot trust those charged to protect and serve and begins to instead fear their protectors, it is the beginning of the end of a secure society.

Stay tuned



germanhelmetswatskullI am certain Pops can verify this one. There has been no truce between us. There is no mending of fences between us. There are deep differences between us remain. What has changed between us is an understanding that there is a problem out there that transcends our differences between each other.

That subject is of the militarization of law enforcement agencies both large and small. We discussed at length the various cases out there that point out the dangerous road this and other countries are going down by equipping policemen to look more like combat soldiers in the Middle East rather than our protectors here at home.

In future blogs I will not be trying to mitigate the charges against Pops and he understands that. I have also informed him that I will not pass judgement on his case either. I will, from time to time post public information on the case as it comes available.

Our mutual concern is as I had described it above and it is that upon I intend to concentrate. I would suggest that others in the social media neighborhood do the same.

Stay tuned


srsoesccssrdocMr. Olsen has expanded on his accusations against the Santa Rosa Florida Sheriff’s office and has added his insight to other problems involving Western Florida Panhandle law enforcement.

brutalitylawsuitcorrections beatingslackofethics

His accusations, if true, point for the need of  a thorough investigation to be made by State and federal law enforcement as well as a close investigation by the news media.

I therefore think it is in the public interest that ALL of Mr Olsen’s comments regarding his legal case be retweeted and reposted by as many people as possible regardless of their opinions of Mr Olsen’s past actions.

This is one time when an important issue in society trumps any personal squabbles.

Stay tuned


srsoThere has been something of a Twitter frenzy on this Sunday morning regarding the case of Thomas Norman Olsen who has been charged with three felonies. In a number of statements on Twitter Mr Olsen has stated that the Police report that was sent to me is not the same as the one that was provided to him and his parents.

poparrestdetaildifferentreportsThese are serious accusations that Mr. Olsen is making. In Florida we have what are known as The Sunshine Laws. The open records law in this State are also Constitutional. Under this provision NO governmental agency in this state can withhold ANY public record and this includes Police reports of the nature that I have posted in previous articles on this blog.


Florida has an agency, The Florida Department of Law Enforcement that has as it’s duties to investigate misconduct by local, county and even state law enforcement departments. The conduct that Mr Olsen describes falls into that catagory.

despisecopsIF what Mr. Olsen says is true, not only can he get his charges overturned, but he may well have grounds to file a suit to seek damages for what he has been put through over the past several weeks.

sunshinelawIt is obvious that criminal charges against those within law enforcement that produced those false documents would be a result as well.

In light of these new statements on Twitter by Mr Olsen, Monday, Feb. 23, 2015 is shaping up to be a busy day.

Stay tuned


This last Friday I went to Tavares, Florida to speak with those in the records division in order to obtain source information necessary for future articles I will be doing on this case. There are two different case logs. The first is for James Cavitalo who was the primary defendant in the case.

The images posted here were a result of a standard computer search I did today as it is easier to post the information rather than to scan the copies I was provided by the contact within the records department.


The second case is that of Terry Cavitalo, who was then his wife and allowed the act in question to take place in the presence of the minor children.


One thing to note. I found out that in 2003, the county was granted permission to destroy evidence that was used in the case.

At this point, I am not certain if the evidence I am seeking, which is the video tape of Terry Cavitalo nude on the kitchen table was part of that evidence. I have an appointment to speak with someone in the department this coming week to clarify that matter and if still available, file a records request for the video.

Most of the records I will be requesting from Lake County will be of Terri Cavitalo since most of the information on James Cavitalo Jr. is already well  known.

Stay tuned