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PASTEVINI am about as furious right now as I have ever been in my life. I have always been angry by the abusive use of Pastebin and other file services but this latest one has me riled up. I was contacted regarding a woman who was doxed on this service. To be clear the woman in question is no fan of mine and up to this point it has been mutual.

samnudesWith that understanding it was more than a shock to me to go to this pastebin and see that someone is encouraging the sending of nude photos of this woman to her children’s school.

What in the ever loving hell is so damn important about someone that her children has to be brought into this shit fest. It is one thing for adults to engage in these pissing matches but it is quite another for someone’s children to be brought into this nonsense.

This is completely wrong and it is time that EVERYONE stop and think about what is going on. It seems that there are those out there who want to out do themselves with the use of Pastebin and other services.

We are supposed to be adults. We need not like each other but it is time we respect each other and  most importantly those among us who have children. The offspring of those of us who combat each other have no idea what is going on and thus should not be forced to endure what some adults are presently doing.

I am going to do everything I can to get that pastebook removed. I would encourage the person who put that thing up there to do the decent thing and remove it.

Stay tuned