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popsbackupjailThe purpose of this blog article is not to gloat over the recent bad luck that has befallen Thomas Norman Olsen, aka @Popsbackup, but instead, it is to point out that this person insisted he knew it all when it came to trolling me and those who consider themselves my friends.

popsbookinginfoJust sort of 24 hours prior to the writing of this article, @Popsbackup was arrested on what the report calls “an out of county warrant”. As some of you might recall, @Popsbackup posted on line that he was notified that a warrant had been issued against him out of the state of Colorado, but he did not know why.

uturn1It took me exactly five minutes to find out that he had been issued two traffic tickets due to an accident he had in Greely Colorado while driving a tractor trailer. The court accused him of not appearing before them or paying the fines that were imposed.

In the ongoing “discussion” that Pops and I had regarding this matter, he stated that he had paid the fine and that since he lived out of state, it would be likely that he would not suffer any consequences since no law enforcement agency outside the state of Colorado would arrest him for their outstanding warrant.

uturn2I did place a call to both the Colorado Department of Public Safety and the Local Law enforcement agency where Mr Olsen has his last known residence to get their take on what would become of the warrant.

IMG_0010Also, since Mr Olsen’s account of the circumstances behind the accident differed somewhat from what I had been told, I had submitted a FOIA request for the police and accident reports regarding the incident to best understand what happened.

IMG_0009Since Greeley Colorado is still in the stone ages regarding modern technology, I had just received a form to fill out and send them in order to get the information requested. This was on the same day as Mr Olsen’s arrest.

escsoA number of posts on the internet indicated, however, that Mr Olsen had been arrested on charges of Grand Theft Auto and a weapons charge of some sort. Rather than post false information, I have been asking around to see if I could get accurate information about his arrest. This included a call to the Escambia,  County, Florida Sheriff’s office to determine who issued the warrant that caused his arrest.

srsodeptAfter all of these calls it was determined that Mr Olsen had, indeed, been arrested on a warrant out of Santa Rosa, County where he resides. The warrant was for Grand Theft Auto and the weapons charge. Unfortunately, since this is the weekend, I am unable to obtain any detailed reports as to whose car he is alleged to have stolen or the circumstances behind the theft. Also, since Florida has fairly liberal firearms regulations, I am a bit surprised at that charge and thus I will have to obtain the necessary case information to see what caused that charge to be imposed.

I did find out, by the way, that the Colorado warrant is still out there, so he has that matter to deal with in one way or another.

Now as many of you know, Mr Olsen and I have not been the best of friends. In fact, our interactions with each other has been rather contentious over the past couple of years. This stems from his involvement with both Anonymous and parties close to the Big Red Rape case out of Steubenville, Ohio.

popsssnthreatI became a target of Mr Olsen’s trolling due to my having problems with a couple of women that he considered friends and thus decided to be their knight in shining armor, no matter how wrong headed his tactics might have been.

Mr. Olsen caused a lot of damage, not only to me, but to a number of others, including women, who found themselves on the wrong side of his thinking.

Mr. Olsen presented himself as an internet content enforcer, deciding who could and who could not post anything about anyone. He took great issue with me and others when it came to what we posted and about whom.

He resorted to personal attacks and included innocent parties, not involved in any internet actions, in his vindictive actions.

He once coined the phrase “unknown felon” when addressing me and others. This became a popular accusation that was soon adopted by others. It now seems that Mr Olsen, aka @Popsbackup is on the way to becoming a KNOWN felon.

scalesjusticeIt is true, however, that Mr. Olsen is innocent until proven guilty which is a consideration he did NOT give to me and others. I however do give him that consideration. Unless or until the charges against him are proven, he remains an innocent man.

To see what his future may be we must…

Stay tuned