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This last Friday I went to Tavares, Florida to speak with those in the records division in order to obtain source information necessary for future articles I will be doing on this case. There are two different case logs. The first is for James Cavitalo who was the primary defendant in the case.

The images posted here were a result of a standard computer search I did today as it is easier to post the information rather than to scan the copies I was provided by the contact within the records department.


The second case is that of Terry Cavitalo, who was then his wife and allowed the act in question to take place in the presence of the minor children.


One thing to note. I found out that in 2003, the county was granted permission to destroy evidence that was used in the case.

At this point, I am not certain if the evidence I am seeking, which is the video tape of Terry Cavitalo nude on the kitchen table was part of that evidence. I have an appointment to speak with someone in the department this coming week to clarify that matter and if still available, file a records request for the video.

Most of the records I will be requesting from Lake County will be of Terri Cavitalo since most of the information on James Cavitalo Jr. is already well  known.

Stay tuned