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germanhelmetswatskullI am certain Pops can verify this one. There has been no truce between us. There is no mending of fences between us. There are deep differences between us remain. What has changed between us is an understanding that there is a problem out there that transcends our differences between each other.

That subject is of the militarization of law enforcement agencies both large and small. We discussed at length the various cases out there that point out the dangerous road this and other countries are going down by equipping policemen to look more like combat soldiers in the Middle East rather than our protectors here at home.

In future blogs I will not be trying to mitigate the charges against Pops and he understands that. I have also informed him that I will not pass judgement on his case either. I will, from time to time post public information on the case as it comes available.

Our mutual concern is as I had described it above and it is that upon I intend to concentrate. I would suggest that others in the social media neighborhood do the same.

Stay tuned