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iamkimI am now the latest member of the elite group of people who have either been accused of BEING the somewhat famous lawyer from South Florida or WORKING for the somewhat famous lawyer from South Florida.


I am not really sure why such importance has been placed on Kim but I have tolerated things up to now because of the entertainment value of all the nonsense being posted all over the internet.

I had also the hope that perhaps Kim would tire of having her name put on the internet inferring that she would rather engage in twitter hijinks instead of concentrating on her law practice. She would then use her legal resources to out those behind this nonsense and put a stop to it.

She is, instead,  apparently too busy concentrating on her profession to be bothered with all of this and, quite frankly, I do not blame her. The antics on the blogs and twitter are downright childish and people of her stature do not have time for such nonsense.

Do not mistake my comments here. I have not softened my views toward Kim and some of the things she has said and done on  Twitter but I do use common sense when passing judgement and believe that she would not be involved in the things she has been accused of.

It is unfortunate that other people do not use common sense but I do understand why they do not. If they were to use common sense, they would have nothing to talk about.

Stay tuned