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srsoThere has been something of a Twitter frenzy on this Sunday morning regarding the case of Thomas Norman Olsen who has been charged with three felonies. In a number of statements on Twitter Mr Olsen has stated that the Police report that was sent to me is not the same as the one that was provided to him and his parents.

poparrestdetaildifferentreportsThese are serious accusations that Mr. Olsen is making. In Florida we have what are known as The Sunshine Laws. The open records law in this State are also Constitutional. Under this provision NO governmental agency in this state can withhold ANY public record and this includes Police reports of the nature that I have posted in previous articles on this blog.


Florida has an agency, The Florida Department of Law Enforcement that has as it’s duties to investigate misconduct by local, county and even state law enforcement departments. The conduct that Mr Olsen describes falls into that catagory.

despisecopsIF what Mr. Olsen says is true, not only can he get his charges overturned, but he may well have grounds to file a suit to seek damages for what he has been put through over the past several weeks.

sunshinelawIt is obvious that criminal charges against those within law enforcement that produced those false documents would be a result as well.

In light of these new statements on Twitter by Mr Olsen, Monday, Feb. 23, 2015 is shaping up to be a busy day.

Stay tuned