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Monthly Archives: February 2015

twittersuspendedIf recent events have proven anything it is that Twitter is the center of certain peoples lives. Some people are addicted to Twitter in the same way they are to Heroin. I must admit that I use Twitter a lot. It is a convenient way to communicate and pass on links to my other social media sites as well as keep up on those topics of interest to me.

liartrollHowever, there are some on Twitter who seem to feel they can do as they please and when told by Twitter they have to take a time out because they insisted on violating the rules, they throw a temper tantrum and then turn around and create another account to get around the suspension.

yoususpendedIn most cases, it is not easy to incur the wrath of Twitter administrators. Even  mass spam complaints will not get one suspended without cause. Twitter staff has become aware of the new tactic of fake spam blocks by those who unfairly try and get people they do not like kicked off of twitter.

Even  if suspended, there is an appeal process and Twitter will also usually inform the person of what caused the suspension. In most cases the suspension is temporary. Either time or the correction of the offense that caused it will allow the person to eventually return to Twitter and once again get that fix they so desperately need.

Those who find them suspended for good generally broke the rules severely enough that Twitter does not want them around anymore. While a few may not deserve this ultimate punishment most of them do.

Twitter is fairly easy to use and stay within the guidelines. Unfortunately there are those who insist on breaking these simple rules and then throw temper tantrums when shown the door.

twitteraddictI never thought I would see the day when a service that is based on 144 character instant messages would cause such an uproar in people’s lives.

It is a generational thing, I guess.

Stay tuned


terristippDid perjury by a woman wanting to gain her freedom cause an innocent man to die in prison? Over half a decade ago, a blockbuster article appeared on a social media blog exposing a popular moderator as being an unregistered sex offender.


Shortly thereafter I went to the Lake County Florida Clerk of the Court and got the court records as well as do on  line research to verify what was in the blog article and to obtain expanded knowledge of the incident.

What I discovered is that Terri Stipp, who plead guilty in exchange for turning States evidence, testified that what was reported in the blog article was in fact, true. The result of her testimony was that she received a light sentence that included no jail time.

Her co-defendant, as a result of her testimony had the book thrown at him. He received the harshest sentence the judge could impose and eventually died in prison.

The incident remained forgotten until the above article exposed Ms. Stipp as an unregistered sex offender. This caused a lot of dismay and caused a lot of damage to as well.

stippimpersonationThe exposure of Terri Stipp as an unregistered sex offender also had an unusual result. Her and her supporters soon broadcast all over the internet that the children lied. If true, that would have meant that Terri Stipp and the children sent an innocent man to prison to ultimately die there.


One glaring piece of evidence that might point to the truth that the children lied about the incident is that the blogger who exposed the case never provided the case information necessary to back up what was written in her article.

Did the blogger believe that the kids lied and thus hold back information that could have proven it?

There is also this. Terri Stipp, to this day professes her innocence yet she refuses to go to court to have her conviction overturned. If the children lied, they could be brought into court to testify. They are now adults and because of the statute of limitations, could not be prosecuted.

Terri Stipp would have her name cleared and the black mark of being a convicted pedophile would be expunged from her criminal record.

But, there is this remaining little problem.

Her actions caused the death of an innocent man who was sent to prison because of a lie.


Stay tuned


stippimpersonationFor quite some time now, I have been trolled by a hit and run individual running a Twitter account

The reason it is called a hit and run is because the poster will activate the account, make posts and then deactivate the account. This accomplishes two things. It allows the person to make posts and then have them vanish into thin air. My posts to the account remain but it looks like I am talking to myself.

stippgoneThe second thing that happens is that it prevents the account from being suspended by Twitter. If  the posts get reported and the account is deactivated, Twitter responds that the material has been removed or that the account no longer exists and no action is taken.

stippshubbyWhat I do find rather odd is the very blogger who exposed this woman’s criminal behavior sits back and allows all of this to occur. By doing so she is allowing the now adult children to be slandered by either a confessed pedophile or someone who is supporting those statements.


Someone should be concerned that a blogger is allowing her bias against me  to stand in the way of the victims of a convcited pedophile getting this injustice dealt with. This also goes for the others who remaining on the sidelines because of their hate of me who are also allowing the actions of this person to continue.

Stay tuned


allthingsleviFor much too long there has been a proliferation of Twitter accounts created for the sole purpose of harassing people. The arduous process of putting a stop to these accounts needs to be reexamined. Twitter also needs to streamline the process for getting these accounts suspended and making certain more of them do not appear.

The primary reason these accounts are allowed to proliferate is because twitter does NOT TRACK ip addresses when these accounts are created. They rely, solely, on e-mail addresses to keep track of these accounts.

exe6All one needs to do to get around a sock creation is to make a new e-mail account and use it to log on with.

Twitter accounts that impersonate people are also easy to create. Twitter needs to take steps to deal with this problem as well.

Another area for Twitter to deal with is when false accusations are made regarding the source of these accounts. I have been accused of making at least 30 of these and have suffered a great deal of unwarranted harassment as a result.

Since there is no way for me to disprove these claims, I am stuck dealing with the fallout from their creation.

Twitter should change their policy and NOT allow anonymous twitter accounts. Each twitter account holder should be clearly identified and be held accountable for what they post on Twitter.

Twitter is a business, not a government. It is about time it starts to act like a business and treat their subscribers with the respect they deserve.

Stay tuned



Stay tuned


POPSONEMr Olsen did not take too kindly to my releasing the PUBLIC information about his arrest and the charges against him. Again I remind Mr Olsen that it was not me that first released that information. What was obtained in the article was the result of making records request with public officials.

I also did not make any comments as to the merit of the reports. That is up to the public at large to determine and for the courts to ultimately decide his fate.

He could be found guilty, or not guilty or even have the charges dropped before trial. He could also take a plea deal. This is a process he will go through and eventually reach some kind of conclusion.

The fact remains that Mr Olsen, for whatever reason is in the situation he is in. It is not my fault nor is it the fault of anyone on the internet. He needs to man up and deal with his situation without making threats on Twitter.

I am adding his comments as a rebuttal as it is only fair that he be allowed to state his stand on the matter.

POPSTWOPOPSFOURpopsthefedPOPSSEVENMR OLSEN wants to remain innocent until proven guilty yet he makes statements like this about MEpopspastebinAnd here Mr Olsen accuses me of MURDER. How nice. popsduckettTHIS information was the result of information that Mr Olsen provided HIMSELF. Once again if he had kept this matter silent, nobody would have known about it. popsticket

UNLIKE Mr Olsen, I allow his defense without judgement or THREATS. This is something he still refuses to do with me.

Stay tuned


poparrestdetailThis article is more of a question than a clarification. Pops seems to be under the mistaken impression that I somehow called law enforcement and found the arrest information. He also is under the mistaken impression that if confronted, I would deny obtaining the records and putting them on the internet.

One question I have before continuing and this is to the people who gave me the original information:


popcolowarrantThe last time we learned something about Mr Olsen having a legal problem was from his OWN Twitter log. He decided to let the world know he had a warrant out for his arrest from the state of Colorado.

Is Olsen once again the source of this latest debacle?

Now back to the subject at hand

In fact, if people had paid attention to my Twitter log, they would have noticed that someone went out of their way to see that I got the initial arrest information from someone I had blocked.

It took someone who was not blocked from my twitter account to contact me and inform me of the arrest by providing his mugshot. I then did follow up research to determine what the facts were before I posted the first blog.

The next step was to contact the appropriate agency and obtain the copies of the police report that is now in my blog. I sent those images to several people who I felt might be interested in his situation. I had decided to confine my distribution to be done by private means. It would be up to those who received the information to do with it as they deemed fit.

However, since Pops decided to make an issue of the records, I decided to distribute them through this blog so that the public can decide for themselves when it comes to his alleged actions and subsequent charges.

I will be posting public information as I get it as I have a standing record request with the clerk of the court.

One final point. Thomas Norman Olsen is a public figure who is rumored to be a material witness in a federal cyber crimes investigation out of Columbus Ohio and the State of KY. This makes his actions of interest to the general public.

Stay tuned


poparrestdetailOn January 23rd, 2015, a police report was taken regarding an alleged crime that took place at the residence of his parent’s house. He would be subsequently arrested and charged. As of the date of this writing, he has plead not guilty and is out on bail.

Click on each document to view contents. As these are public records I claim no copyright and you are free to download and publish these images. I will be uploading more legible documents once I get them run through my scanner.


These reports are a matter of public record of an official proceeding. Anyone is free to contact the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s office for their own copies. They will either be faxed to you, e-mailed or sent through snail mail.

Stay tuned



I see that Pops is having a twitter fit this morning reminding everyone that he has not been convicted yet and that I do not know “the rest of the story.” Well, with that I agree. That is what trials are for.

srccourtIn this country people are “innocent until proven guilty.” If anything the Casey Anthony trial proves that one. Everyone including me, had her in jail and fighting for life in prison rather than the death penalty. Boy were we way off on that one.

But, and this is a big but, if people go back far enough in Pops twitter log, you will see that he did not always believe in that mantra.

Pops has this strange fixation on me. He came out of nowhere and started attacking me quite a long time ago. The reason is much the same as the mysterious blogger who claims to be from Atlanta but others claim to be from South Africa. I made the mistake of posting my OPINION of their actions.

POPSTHREATIt seems there are people out there who can dish it out but cannot take it. The next thing I know I am yet another victim of doxing and other acts attributed to the strange group Anonymous. Twitter sock accounts conveniently appear attacking his friends and who gets the blame? Me, of course.

POPDOXTHREATAGAINI am not the only person to suffer from this problem. All one has to do is go back to the battle between the various sides during the height of the Steubenville case. Similar arguments are taking place over the incident in Ferguson.

popsdoxthreatThose who have strong opinions are punished with doxing and other personal attacks. Those with anonymous usernames find themselves the subject of bounty hunts for their true identity. $100 was the going price for one target of their wrath.

popspornthreatpopthreatsThe attitude on social media with some folks is that if you disagree with the wrong person, you are toast. No longer is the internet a venue for respectful debate. Ideas can no longer be discussed without the risk of personal attacks and worse.

And now this brings us back to the Jail Bird. In the past, BY HIS OWN WORDS, if someone gets arrested and is in jail, they are guilty without question. If they become acquitted, they are the unknown felon who managed to get away with something rather than get the justice they deserve.

popscluelessNow that it is the Jail Bird who finds himself facing a trial, he changes his tune. Cries of  “I AM INNOCENT” ring out. He announces ” JUST YOU WAIT! THE LAWYER SAYS I WILL BEAT THIS!”

Once again I state here and now that I am not prejudging the Jail Bird. He IS innocent until proven guilty. If he is deemed not guilty than that is that. If he is adjudicated guilty, he does have the right to appeal to a higher court.

jailcellThis is a consideration he has NEVER given to me and I NEVER in my 64 years served one minute in jail nor have I EVER been charged with a crime.

Stay tuned


Quite a long time ago, in 2012 or so, I was notified by a friend that they had seen a photo of me in uniform on Facebook purported to have been posted by me. This came as a bit of a shock since I had made it widely known that I have NEVER served in the military due to the fact that I was unqualified to serve.

ssssI had a 4f deferment due to having a highly contagious disease I contracted because some idiot at where I worked failed to let his coworkers know he had the disease and I had the bad luck to catch it. It therefore made absolutely no sense for me to be posting a photo of myself in a military uniform.

fakeprofileIt turned out that someone had somehow hacked my Facebook account and inserted the photo and brief conversation about it. The same thing happened around the same time on my Twitter account.

What is remarkable is that this image appeared less than a year after I wrote the above story about my draft status.

levihackedNow anyone who has been around for any length of time knows full well that BOTH of these social media services are prone to hacking. Even those who are my most ardent critics have admitted that they have had their accounts broken into and things were posted in their name.–impersonating–and-negative-400295.html

Now, for some odd reason, there were a few individuals who found it necessary to go browsing around in “my” and my families Facebook and Twitter accounts who rather conveniently found the photo and alleged conversation.

There soon appeared a blog about it. What was rather curious is WHO it was that was the author of the blog. I posted a rebuttal and after talking to Facebook, the offending account that was impersonating me was found and removed. The photo and conversation vanished as well, or so I thought.

Then, earlier today, someone by the name of Renee Williams came onto my twitter account and brought this subject up. What is rather odd is that I have no idea who this person was, or did not until I did some research.

After this rather strange conversation, I decided it was time to do some digging and I was quite surprised at what I found. It turns out that BOTH hackers, and yes there are two, got real sloppy and gave themselves away as the ones who hacked both of my accounts and planted the false narratives.

The first one gave herself away since she has professed in the past of being good at hacking both Facebook and Twitter when having a real long battle with a Canadian woman who also was accused of having the same abilities. The woman made it known how easy it is to get into a persons account and do whatever she pleased with it.

The second hacker from the Pacific Northwest had admitted to doing the exact same thing to my Facebook years before. It took a complaint to Facebook to get that account down just as it did this time around.

That individual has posted some rather impressive credentials including a close association to Anonymous as well as bragging about bringing that group into a major rape case. The net result was some websites being hacked and their contents altered as well as secure information about certain people being made public by the well known practice of doxing.

Furthermore, the woman above also has photos and detailed information on ALL my family members including my brothers, both of whom served in the military.

This brings up yet another point. ALL my family members are friends on my Facebook and therefore would see any photo of me in military uniform.

It would not be very long before I was asked why in hell I had a photo of me, or as one troll has claimed, my brother, on my Facebook page and why would I claim that photo was of me.

This is a prime example of why people are so gullible. They do not bother to employ common sense when deciding if a certain accusation is true or not.

Now, the latest blog has me as stealing valor from my brother. As I said above, this would not have gone unnoticed.

The problem is that the person in the photo is neither of me nor of my brother. It is someone who is not related to any member of my family.

So, who the hell is this person? After a considerable amount of digging, it turns out to some poor slob that happens to share my Surname.

So now the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place. Since at least one woman who has mentioned this incident has photos of my family in her timeline, it made sense to me that she must have searched EVERY Facebook account that used my surname and when she hit upon the photo that was well hidden in the persons photo archives, downloaded it and the rest is history.

It never dawned on her that she had a photo of a complete stranger.

This is not the first time, by the way, that this has happened. A LONG time ago, this woman and others decided to “investigate” my then girlfriend to see if they could find anything to “attack” her with. They struck pay dirt in some court records. They soon started attacking the woman’s social media account with all sorts of threats, including calls to the Florida DCF to attempt to get her children removed from her home.

The problem? They attacked the WRONG woman, who had the misfortune to have the same name as my then girlfriend.

This is a common problem with these people. They get things wrong and innocent people wind up getting involved for reasons they did not deserve.

As I dug further into this little mystery, I found a conversation where “I” claimed that the reason for the wearing of the uniform was because I was an extra in a movie or two.

By an astounding coincidence, one of the woman claimed to have connections in the industry and knew how much extras were paid and so forth.

I am not sure how this “occupation” turned up in the conversation other than it was something known to the woman and could easily be used to create this false situation.

Now I do not expect many of the 20 or so people who read this to believe what is being called my “spin” since people do not take the time to look into the details of what is being claimed.

I write this for the one or two people who might have the common sense to see what is real and what is not.

Stay tuned