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tank4Probably one of the most important issues in the minds of the public recently is that of the militarization of both small and large law enforcement agencies. It is not unusual to tune into the mainstream news reports and see yet another incident involving cops that look more like soldiers in warfare rather than enforcing the law in rural America.

santarosatankA recent felony case involving someone who is certainly not a friend of mine caused me to do some research into statements he made on Twitter. While we might not agree on most things, I was concerned to see that he just might be correct on certain matters he posted about.

orlandotankI am certain that many of you out there in social media have been following the major news events involving misconduct among law enforcement officials. The debate about these matters have been heated between those who are on both sides of the issue.

cops1One thing seems to be apparent. As more and more small law enforcement agencies are given the powerful military weaponry we are starting to see on the streets more often, the more there will be opportunities for abuse.

tank2I remember when the Armored Personal Carriers first appeared they were at least painted to look like law enforcement vehicles. Now days that is rarely the case. They remain the standard military colors probably to look more intimidating.

It is also more common to see this equipment used in more routine situations rather than the intensive situations where such equipment might otherwise be justified.

I would encourage those in the social media both large and small to concentrate more on this issue. There needs to be a more reasonable balance is to what is necessary for law enforcement to have to protect us and the need for us not to fear the police.

swatskullgermanhelmetWhen a people cannot trust those charged to protect and serve and begins to instead fear their protectors, it is the beginning of the end of a secure society.

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