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undiscoveredI often use movies and TV shows as Metaphors of certain events and the current discourse on Twitter is no exception. Those of you who are ardent fans of Star Trek and this movie in particular might understand why I chose it.

The premise of the movie is this. An event occurs that requires an enemy to approach their enemy in order to seek help. That help leads to a cease fire of sorts and a mending of fences as well.

There are those on both sides, however, who do not want to see the disagreements to end and will do anything they can to prevent it from happening. The outcome of the movie is known. The outcome of the current situation on Twitter is not.

There are those who are willing to set aside the conflict to get a problem resolved. Others on both sides are not willing to see this happen and are trying to derail the effort.

My hope is that those willing to set aside will not allow the warmongers to sabotage the efforts to resolve this problem.

I am not under the illusion that the current situation is going to have any change of minds. It may, however, may change how the discourse continues.

Stay tuned