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Monthly Archives: March 2015

keyloggingIf you wait long enough, a criminal will brag about their crimes and how the pulled them off. This is most common among hackers and trolls. They love to tell the world how they broke the law and did their evil deed.

keyloggdiagramThis happened again tonight. There are those out there that like to place blame at my feet for sock accounts and other so called hacking actions. The problem is that these people are exposing themselves as being behind the rather strange games that have been going on for quite some time.

I am far from being an expert of anything having to do with hacking and all the associated terms attributed to the practice of gaining unauthorized access to someplace where one does not belong.

I have, for years, said that someone has somehow managed to get into my personal accounts and put content there that I did not create.

Tonight one of the braggers demonstrated how SHE did just that. She posted links to a keylogger. Now only the most expert of people know how to actually use on of these things and she has demonstrated that she is one of them.

By putting up that post, she has also proven that I did not say the things I have been accused of. It is most likely that someone used a keylogger to gather up all of my usernames and passwords. These people then used the information from those keyloggers to go into my accounts and place false postings, say of pictures of someone in uniform. PM’s that could later be used to smear my name and also be able to put posts on Twitter that were not made by me.

In their quest to brag openly, these trolls have provided more proof that I have been telling the truth all along.

Stay tuned


Holly has always denied being able to do certain things, but tonight, she managed to infiltrate a protected Twitter account. This does two things. First it demonstrates that either Holly, or someone she is working for, is desperate enough to keep track of people that they find it necessary to get into a PRIVATE account.

Second, it proves once and for all that it  has been HOLLY behind all of the socks attacking all sides. It takes someone as obsessed as Holly is to either do these things herself or convince someone else to do her misdeeds for her.

When someone protects their account, they are telling certain people to KEEP THE FUCK OUT. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME.

The problem for people like Holly is that they cannot take NO for an answer. They HAVE to be on the inside. They have to stick their noses up other peoples asses.

Remember all of the complaints about people reading accounts they were blocked from. Remember those claims of stalking because of reading accounts one was blocked from?

Well, infiltrating a private Twitter account, even by proxy, is outright stalking.

It is something I do not condone.

This is not the first time this has been done, by the way. I had the same problem over on Paltalk. There used to be this drunk woman who bragged “I can get around any ban.” She did just that. She was banned from my stream account and she proceeded to find a way right back in.

I finally got fed up with these childish games and shut the whole thing down. If people were going to be this childish with something that was costing me money to provide them, then I was going to spend it elsewhere.

Paltalk is not free. To run a chat that allows everyone to take advantage of ALL of the features offered is highly expensive. Go check out what they charge and see for yourself.

When I shut the room down, the people there lost a lot of extra benefits that they would have to pay a fortune for if they wanted to keep them. Not one could afford those features and soon either left Paltalk or settled for just the basic services.

I now have a private stream on a highly secure website and only those from a group I have been a member of for quite a LONG time are in there. We stream and chat without any trolls or games.

In closing, those who might be moles in my private Twitter account (which I doubt. It is Holly with a sock) do not expect much. If you like links to police chases and Russian car wreck videos, then be my guest.

Otherwise you are going to be bored to death.

Stay tuned


It seems that Holly just cannot stand it that she cannot get my attention. SO what does Holly do? She creates a sock account, of course and has it sitting in waiting within my locked twitter account. Then, she goes and uses the sock to read my account.

Then what does Holly do?

She blames someone ELSE, of course and even gives “hints” obvious as they are as just who it is that is giving out the posts.

Now, Holly, who does not know how to tell the truth decided to pin the blame on thtat someone else, she forgot to check the timeline when taking screen shots of the account.

Now, the reason for that should be apparent to Holly but she is a little slow at understanding such things as she is a bit dim upstars.

That is ok, I will let her remain dim.

What this DOES show is something I have been stating for years. It is HOLLY that wants the drama. It is HOLLY that wants to keep the games going. HOLLY needs the ATTENTION.

There are quite a number of people who are in my locked account who were there when I locked it. I had done so thinking these morons would move on since they would have nothing to complain about.

AS the posts in the locked account made CLEAR, I am done with these games that Holly insists on playing. There is nothing there for any of these clowns need concern themselves with, but, of course, that is not going to stop them.

Yes, I do not trust anyone on the internet and I make this clear with everyone I  come in contact with be they so called friends or not friends.

BOTH Holly Briley and Thomas Olsen have made it clear that they cannot be trusted.

If you trust either of them, you do so at your peril.

Those of you out there that trust Holly might want to take a second look at her actions this evening. If she can get into my locked account, she can get into yours, weather you want her there or not.

Also remember that if Holly feels she needs to, she will lie about you and betray you if she deems it in her best interests to do so.

Govern yourselves accordingly.

Stay tuned


I have paid attention to the self declared King of the internet long enough. I have given enough information for those to garner the meaning that are intelligent enough to do so. To those who cannot grasp who these people are and what they are planning to do, you are welcome to bask in your ignorance.

The true crime social media arena is undergoing a change and that change does not bode well for anyone who wants honest content and honest debate. The true crime media arena is now a money pit for the greedy.

Enjoy your fools dance, for the joke is on you.


To whom it may concern:

Someone made a serious accusation against me and I have given her every opportunity to either provide evidence of her accusation or retract it.

She has refused to do so.

Therefore I plan on exercising my LEGAL right to use EVERY LEGAL means at my disposal to prove once and for all that the accusation was false and without merit.

Any result of these legal actions in regards to the parties in question  will be due to the failure of the person to answer for the accusations stated or retracting said accusation.

William K Murtaugh

Apopka Florida


There are so many questions that Radio liar will not answer. I guess it is because Radio Liar cannot answer those questions after all. I had been fooled into thinking Radio was this intelligent individual who could answer all these technical questions I have asked concerning all things internet.

The first question I had asked of Radio Liar is to demonstrate how it is able to determine who is behind all of those socks.

The next question was to tell me if there is a way to cure the addiction of those people who simply cannot stop reading this blog or reading my twitter log so that I can unlock it again.

So, if there is anyone out there that knows what Radio Liar has demonstrated that it does not know could tell me what I need to know, It would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, Holly, where is that apology? It is clear now that you LIED about me or ANYONE calling your husband’s company to report him drunk while working.

In the mean time.

I Will

Stay tuned


laughingkingRadio must not be the King’s favorite after all. Judging by this mornings post, Radio Liar has no idea what my King metaphors are all about. I had thought for certain Radio would have been on the inside of this money making realm.

But, my mistake. I guess Radio Liar can join Holly Liar in the dungeon of the ignorant doing their fools dance.

matrixThe King can look all of us and see problem with the Matrix is not a problem after all.

Relax and enjoy, internet King, your subjects are behaving the way you have groomed them to behave.

Stay tuned


mousetrapIt is with so much ease that I am able to sit here in this old chair and get people all riled up with nothing more than a few well chosen words.

It is like putting cheese in a mousetrap and waiting for the mice to give into to temptation.

Stay tuned


laughingkingThe complete lack of understanding by these morons is the most entertaining thing I have seen lately. They are completely unaware that they are nothing but toys in a toy box. I am in no way trying to intimidate these fools.

robotsJust making an observation how a group of mindless fools are being controlled like robots while a master is behind a metal curtain pushing their buttons.

All these poor fools need to do is to stop reading my blog and go their merry ignorant way and all would be well, or so they would want to believe. But no, they continue to dance the fools dance at the whim of those who control them and who laugh at their foolishness and ignorance.

Stay tuned


laughingkingI now see that the “King” has chosen well, the conduit of the [mis]information it wishes to spread. These subjects lack the intelligence to understand the real world events around them. These poor ignorant souls continue to dance their fools dance while the King, the puppet master, sits back and reaps the rewards of the fools folly.

The bloated egos of these dancing fools and their narrow views of the world will allow the King to lead them like dogs on a leash.

They will do the Kings bidding without question and actually do so unknowingly while the King garners riches because of their ignorance and laughs all the way to the bank.

Stay tuned