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Monthly Archives: April 2015

constitutionA rather curious thing happened today. A long time stalker posted a perjured filled set of counter complaints to Twitter regarding a series of images of me that were used in illegally made phone calls posted on a social media account without my permission.

Within the body of the complaints, the stalker put her reasoning as to why she had the right to post this material. What this foreign national (the stalker is a foreign national here for years on a green card and seems unwilling to become a citizen of this country) has done is to give everyone license to use certain materials without fear of reprisal since she did a  thorough job of pointing out why she feels she has the right to continue to stalk me and others.

What I have stated that I am willing to do is to give out the SAME information that SHE has provided in her notices to everyone who may find this information useful.

This is legal information that is public and is available to those if they wish to research through other sources. What is unique with this information is that it is in HER words and thus can be cited if necessary in any action of a similar nature.

What the stalkers do not seem to understand is that the rights they profess to have are the same rights that are available to you me and everyone else in this country even if you are not a citizen.

What is done with these rights are an individual choice.

Stay tuned


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sunfunlogoI will be documenting the trip to Lakeland, Florida starting at 6 am Friday, 4/24. I will be covering the events of the Sun N Fun from opening until closing for the final three days of the airshow. I will be streaming on both Meerkat and Periscope. I will also be posting still photos and videos on both of my twitter accounts:



I will also be posting images and videos to my facebook account :

My primary reason for using Meerikat and Periscope as stream platforms is because they do not force viewers to wait for commercials to air as does ustream and the other stream platforms that I have used in the past.

There are some pointers for those not familiar with these new stream methods.

streamappsFirst is that both of these utilities are meant for Apple devices only. The apps work best when viewed on either tablets or mobile devices. I have not tried the apps on my apple desktop or lap top so I do not know how the apps would work on either of thenm.

Second, not all features are available on desktops or pc laptops although live streams from both apps are viewable. The chat seen on mobile devices are not visible on desktop PC’s.

The advantage of this is that anyone just waning to view the live stream will not have to suffer through the clutter of chatting. I will be monitoring my twitter account so any comments can be made there.

Next: If you see an image sideways on your pc, it is because my Iphone would be tilted sideways to stream panoramic images. You cannot tilt the image on a pc to match the stream. This is one drawback of both apps.

Next: The only way to know when I am on the air is to follow and monitor my twitter account if viewing on a pc.

When viewing the app on your apple device, you can follow and then search for my streams when I am either on the air or if I have saved any videos on Periscope. The videos remain there for 24 hours.

This cannot be done on a pc as both services want you to down the apps to a mobile device. However, if I do go on the air, the link will be sent to Twitter and you simply click on it to view the stream.

There will be a number of venues I will be covering in May that might be of interest so stay tuned for details as I schedule and post about them.

Stay tuned



ESPNBIMBOThere are certain people who are employed in certain occupations who place themselves on their own pedestal of importance. These ego driven personalities seem to feel that because of a few lucky breaks, their position and fame allows them to flaunt their superiority upon those who may not have the important or fame ridden occupations.


One TV personality who flaunted her position and fame learned an expensive lesson recently when she went off on a rage filled rant because someone dared to tow away her car.

As as a result of her rant, which, unfortunately for her, was caught on a closed circuit camera system, the famous tv personality got herself an unpaid week off. I am sure her fan base might have been affected by her rant as well.

This should serve as a lesson to those who flaunt their importance because of their occupation or self perceived fame that one error in judgement may well knock them off of their precious pedestal.



JACKKSoap Operas have always been known for their willingness to tackle the extreme social issues. General Hospital is one of the bolder of the Soaps to handle issues such as same sex couples and mixed race relationships.

Now the soap is airing the issue of death with dignity.

EVAA lot has changed since the days of Jack Kevorkian. Attitudes are changing and new laws are being passed that allows for people to make that ultimate choice. New York State does not have a death with dignity law as of yet.

Is this state the next one to address this issue in a favorable light? Only time will tell if what is happening on General Hospital will spur a long over due debate in the Empire State.

Stay tuned


shotinbackThe recent shooting of a black man is yet another example of unwarranted violence being waged against an unarmed citizen by a law enforcement officer. There seems to be a marked increase in the number of abuses by law enforcement officers towards suspects.

protectandserveLaw enforcement officers have a great deal of power that is entrusted to them. They take an oath to use that power wisely to serve and protect the public that pays their wages. Unfortunately there are an increasing number of them who are abusing that power.

It is easy to use race as an excuse for these excesses. In most of the recent high profile cases, it is a white cop violating the rights of a black person which is an age old problem in this country. There are, however, many cases where race is not a factor.

journalistarrestedThere have also been a number of cases where journalists covering protests have found themselves arrested simply for photographing a policeman in the act of abuse. There are even cases were photographing a policeman in the process of detaining someone got a person arrested.

The core cause of these problems seems to be the increasing difficulty recruiting people to join law enforcement. Not many people want a job where you are hated and where you may be killed at any time while doing your job. As a result, some local agencies have become lax at who they hire. They might bend or disregard guidelines and tests to determine who may or may NOT be qualified to wear that badge.

It is incumbent on all law enforcement agencies both large and small to be certain that whoever wears that badge be the best qualified and best trained individual they can find.

My life and yours depend on it.

Stay tuned


websleuthsNow that the Websleuths lawsuit is over, the talk is now of the much hated bannings that have been alleged over the years. The turmoil that started with the lawsuit has only begun as those who are deeply concerned with the goings on at Websleuths are now venting their long held frustrations over what has been happening within the confines of Websleuths.

It was thought by many that Trica Griffith had come out of this  a clear victor. It seems now that her victory just may have been a hollow one.

money2What people must understand is that Websleuths is a business. It exists to make money. It exists to make a profit. Trica, as the owner of that business depends on it to earn a living.

Therefore as a business, it must have a consumer base that provides that income and profit. The nature of a commercial blog or forum is to generate that revenue through paid advertizing. The dilemma here is that in order to get the best ad rates, Websleuths has to show the numbers in order to get those rates.

When you ban people from engaging in debate in a forum or blog, you are reducing the number of people your client, your sponsor, is able to reach through the paid ads that appear there.

Advertizing operates on what is known as a cost to benefit ratio. If a client pays out $1000.00 to advertize on a website, they expect at least a 25% net return on their investment. Anything less than that, and the cost is not worth it.

Ad rates are set by the average number of people who visit a given site and how many people respond to an ad that is on that website.

So, unless Websleuths has a revenue source OTHER than advertizing, reforms need to take place.

Even one revenue alternative that is rumored to be planned that does not involve advertizing still needs to have Websleuths generate a large number of visitors who can openly participate on the website, it is therefore  in the best interests of Websleuths to find a way to REDUCE the number of bannings and find a way to attract MORE people to the website.

Trica needs to rethink how she runs Websleuths and repair it’s reputation or watch as the website vanishes into oblivion.

Stay tuned


sunfunlogoBarring any last minute schedule changes, I will be webcasting from the Sun-N-Fun airshow on April 25 and 26. I will be posting stills and videos of the various aircraft, autos and various other displays there.

I will be using the new Periscope app as well as using one of my stream channels. I will give more details on the webcast schedule in a few days.

Stay tuned


newanonAs with anything long term, Anonymous is evolving from what it started out to be when founded so many years ago. Anonymous has been around for quite a long time.

A good many of the original Anonymous members have moved on to other things or are in Jail or dead. In their place is the new generation of Anonymous. As more of these new people get involved, they bring with themselves their own ideals, their own agendas.

There were some unspoken rules within Anonymous. One rule was that disputes in the hive stay within the hive. Anonymous business stays private. That rule was broken long before Sabu came on the scene and public squabbles between different #ops and individuals have become commonplace and quite public.

Other unspoken rules had to do with matters such as not drawing unwanted attention to Anonymous. Being a fame whore was a deadly sin.

The one major rule of Anonymous is that you do not become an informant.

You do not become a snitch.

kingratAnd then there are the Anonymous like Deric and Pops who seize on the attention garnered by Anonymous for their own selfish purposes.

There are an increasing number of the new Anonymous that openly break and disregard the unspoken rules.

knightsecmoney2These kind of new Anonymous are starved for attention and importance. They do things, even if it draws negative attention to themselves, solely for that attention. Deric does it by begging and Pops does it by being a habitual snitch.

By design, Anonymous has no control over itself. Yes there are unofficial enforcers that call themselves “The Real Anonymous.” who try and get Anonymous back on track, but their efforts have been largely futile as the new generation ignores them.

The very core of what makes Anonymous is what is destroying it.

There are no rules other than the unspoken ones.

Rules that are unspoken are often not heard.

Stay tuned


nosnitchenOne thing seems not to have occurred to Anonymous and those who have attached themselves to Pops and the stunt he is pulling with the defamatory blog against me.

Pops is a rat, he is a snitch.

He has a habit of “telling on people.”

In all the accusations he has made against me, the worst is that I am being accused of saying some words in private.

There are people out there that are doing far, far worse yet he concentrates on me.

What Pops is doing is is getting his fix. He is addicted to being a snitch. He has to have someone to “tell on.” His history over the years is clear proof of this. Even prior to the Steubenville matter, Pops was telling on people.

Think not? Go back and check his history.

The point I am making here is this, if Pops is so intent on “telling on me” over what is overall some minor mistakes that anyone could have made, then what would he do if he found himself in a jam and he needed to get out of it.

He would be a fink, a rat, a government informant. He would sell out ANYONE in order to save himself.

He would sell out members of Anonymous if necessary.

The most common trait of an informant is that they are extremely selfish. They will sell out their best friend if they felt it necessary.

They are only loyal to themselves.

No matter what excuse he comes up with for his silly little blog against me, keep this thought in mind:

If he did not have me to squeal on, who else would he choose?

You perhaps?

Stay tuned