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constitutionA rather curious thing happened today. A long time stalker posted a perjured filled set of counter complaints to Twitter regarding a series of images of me that were used in illegally made phone calls posted on a social media account without my permission.

Within the body of the complaints, the stalker put her reasoning as to why she had the right to post this material. What this foreign national (the stalker is a foreign national here for years on a green card and seems unwilling to become a citizen of this country) has done is to give everyone license to use certain materials without fear of reprisal since she did a  thorough job of pointing out why she feels she has the right to continue to stalk me and others.

What I have stated that I am willing to do is to give out the SAME information that SHE has provided in her notices to everyone who may find this information useful.

This is legal information that is public and is available to those if they wish to research through other sources. What is unique with this information is that it is in HER words and thus can be cited if necessary in any action of a similar nature.

What the stalkers do not seem to understand is that the rights they profess to have are the same rights that are available to you me and everyone else in this country even if you are not a citizen.

What is done with these rights are an individual choice.

Stay tuned