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websleuthsNow that the Websleuths lawsuit is over, the talk is now of the much hated bannings that have been alleged over the years. The turmoil that started with the lawsuit has only begun as those who are deeply concerned with the goings on at Websleuths are now venting their long held frustrations over what has been happening within the confines of Websleuths.

It was thought by many that Trica Griffith had come out of thisĀ  a clear victor. It seems now that her victory just may have been a hollow one.

money2What people must understand is that Websleuths is a business. It exists to make money. It exists to make a profit. Trica, as the owner of that business depends on it to earn a living.

Therefore as a business, it must have a consumer base that provides that income and profit. The nature of a commercial blog or forum is to generate that revenue through paid advertizing. The dilemma here is that in order to get the best ad rates, Websleuths has to show the numbers in order to get those rates.

When you ban people from engaging in debate in a forum or blog, you are reducing the number of people your client, your sponsor, is able to reach through the paid ads that appear there.

Advertizing operates on what is known as a cost to benefit ratio. If a client pays out $1000.00 to advertize on a website, they expect at least a 25% net return on their investment. Anything less than that, and the cost is not worth it.

Ad rates are set by the average number of people who visit a given site and how many people respond to an ad that is on that website.

So, unless Websleuths has a revenue source OTHER than advertizing, reforms need to take place.

Even one revenue alternative that is rumored to be planned that does not involve advertizing still needs to have Websleuths generate a large number of visitors who can openly participate on the website, it is thereforeĀ  in the best interests of Websleuths to find a way to REDUCE the number of bannings and find a way to attract MORE people to the website.

Trica needs to rethink how she runs Websleuths and repair it’s reputation or watch as the website vanishes into oblivion.

Stay tuned