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Monthly Archives: April 2015

mefbiI see that Pops went through a lengthy ramble explaining how he created FALSE CONTENT on his little website and then stated that “anyone can do it.”

Again, Pops does NOT comprehend the fact that a MAJORITY of people who visit the various websites on the internet both have no idea how to do what is described in his hate blog nor would they be dishonest to do so in the first place.

The FACT remains that a MAJORITY of the people who browse the internet could not even come close to doing the most basic “hack” and most do not even know what a hack or sock account is. Try as he might Pops cannot escape the fact that those behind the various stunts are not housewives knitting a sweater while catching up on things, but people with various skill sets that MOST people do not even begin to have.

What Pops HAS done is to confess that he has the capability, as a majority of those who follow him, of making up authentic looking FAKE material. As I have said, many times before, If one has the skill set, one can impersonate anyone anywhere and frame that person with material that is not of his making.

He and his associates through THEIR OWN ACTIONS have proven the all the hard evidence they claim to have is stuff that has been made up or altered in different ways.

Rather than doing something constructive with his life, Pops would rather stalk me for some explain ed reason and accomplishing nothing in the process.

The only way Pops is capable of accomplishing anything is through cheating, lying and trickery.

He is not capable of doing anything honest.

As I said before, I am leaving the true crime community as the criminals have taken it over. I am going into a more general area of webcasting. If Pops wants to be getting all butthurt of me livc streaming about planes trains and autombiles with boats thrown in for good measure, then I guess he will just have to be butthurt.

I am done with true crime social media and I am certainly done with the trolls. IF he wants to waste his time with his stupid and childish blog, then that is what he is going to do while the real world passes him by.

Stay tuned


mefbiI am going to try once again to ignore the Fool from Milton, Florida who seems to have this obsession with this retired old man and go back to what I had intended to do before he admitted that The FBI Seizure of his little blog was nothing more than an elaborate hoax.

I have proven my point by his creation of that website and topping it off with that hoax. He has proven that people will lie when it suits them. He has proven that people will stalk others for no legitimate reason.

He has proven just how irresponsible people can be with the sophisticated tools are out on the internet to fabricate just about anything a liar would ever desire.

He has proven himself to be a rather expert and astute liar.

I made this second and, I hope final, article regarding that blog and the hoax created about it, as a warning.

Ever since the blog was taken off shore, anyone trying to access the blog either through Twitter or a good anti virus firewall has gotten a warning that there is malware on the site and thus were blocked from viewing it unless they bypassed the warning.

twitterwarningI recently found out why. Without getting specific, it is because your computer AND privacy are at risk. There are things alleged to be on that website that will either be placed on your computer or will result in a loss of personal data to those who should not have it.

You have been warned.

Govern yourselves accordingly.

Stay tuned


mefbiMy stalker made a claim, last evening that he played a joke on me. I contend, however, that he has played a joke on himself and did me a favor in the process.

My stalker has forced my hand. I had made a decision four days prior to this writing that I was no longer going to engage him over his nonsensical blog dedicated to defaming me and a few friends who have risked a great deal by sticking with me.

His so called joke has forced me to address his latest act of deception.

On April, 1, 2015 a rather official looking certificate appeared on the hate site which indicated that the FBI had seized the website due to copyright violations. Since that is precisely what he had done, many assumed the seizure was true.

My stalker then announced in quite a dramatic way that he was going to “go dark” due to what was on his hate blog.

Last evening he came back from his so called “going dark.” to gleefully announce that the whole thing was a hoax.

In other words, he lied.

He used as his excuse, that he wanted me to think that he and his fellow stalkers had gone away. He apparently did not think that excuse through since there are a multitude of other blogs out there that have the exact same false content on them. The seizure of his little blog would not have made one bit of difference. 

For quite a long time, my stalker has demanded I provide “hard evidence” that any sort of false or counterfeit material was ever made to generate a false impression of me or any action having to with me.

The seizure hoax, is that hard proof.

What the stalker and his band of supporters do not seem to understand is that the public at large are not experts at internet trickery. The public at large does not understand how easy it is to create sophisticated propaganda.

Up until now, the public has had a hard time believing that a 23 year old who was arrested by police for alleged weapons and motor vehicle theft could create official looking documentation of any government proceeding.

That was until the great FBI Seizure hoax.

He and the public now have that hard evidence that proves quite clearly that every accusation ever made against me could easily be a joke or lie, as I have been arguing all along.

One final point. No matter what excuse my stalker makes for engaging in this little hoax, he has made one thing absolutely clear.

He will go to great lengths to lie.

Stay tuned




websleuthsNow that the Websleuths lawsuit is over, the fallout begins. The now sole owner of Websleuths is making statements concerning the lawsuit and the internal and external battles that took place while the lawsuit ran it’s course.

There have been some surprising revelations. There has also been some interesting patterns as to how sides are taken against an individual and who does or does not step up to do the right thing.

I am not going to detail the aftermath of the lawsuit but am, instead going to recommend to those interested, to go through the various websites discussing the aftermath and the comments being made there. Make up your own mind as to who you do and do not support. Also study how the debate over the merits or lack thereof of the lawsuit and the actions of the parties involved, either directly or indirectly, ran it’s course.

What I will say about the Websleuths situation is that this points out just how hard it is to have any kind of internet presence without hate.

Hate seems to be the prevailing force in the true crime community. There is also a quest for power and attention.

The story of the Websleuths lawsuit is not the end.

It is the end of the beginning.

Stay tuned


You would think by now someone would have educated the foul mouthed moron who keeps reading this blog, something she has to go OUT OF HER WAY TO DO, by the way, about why one does not have to create ANY kind of account to read twitter accounts from which they are blocked.

I am sure the foreign national she befriended would be more than willing to do so since that person has made every effort to stalk any account where she is not welcome to visit. The foreign national did this back when I was on Paltalk and continues to do so to this day.

The foreign national was able to get into password protected accounts and “someone” managed to get into my twitter account when it went into a brief protected mode.

Just to make this point clearer than ever, I do so in all caps so that the ignorant fool that keeps accusing me of making sock accounts will understand:


So the stalker can quit her lying about my creating sock accounts and get some common sense while she is at it.

There are no sock accounts anyway. She is just making up the whole thing about sock accounts up to get attention .

Stay tuned



I can never understand what it is about foreign nationals that they come to this country and then protest against our rights to free speech. One in particular stands out since it is she who started stalking me almost a decade ago.

This is a woman I have never personally met and had no reason to be at the center of her attacks against me other than she was jealous of what I was able to accomplish in such a short period of time.

Now that I have come off of protected mode she threatens to make FALSE reports to twitter. What is that person so scared of that she has to resort to such a drastic action?

This woman is going to have to go around a BLOCK to make her false reporting which Twitter has already been made aware of.

What TRUTH does that person along with her minions fear that they feel the need to hound my accounts with false lies and reports?

Just what is it about their past that they feel they have to cover up?

It is unfortunate that those with the resources do not investigate THEM for who knows what might be found lurking in their backgrounds,

Someday perhaps someone will.

Stay tuned




I Was once given the suggestion by my stalker to go into protected mode, which I did for a while. If this person is so concerned about socks, then she should do the same. The problem with that, however, is that she would not be able to get the attention she so much desires.

Stay tuned



The stalker says she does not have to prove anything simply because she has no proof. It is a cop out she has used before when caught in her lies.

She has stated her vow to continue to stalk rather than to move on and mind her own business.

I have heard from others that this is something she has done before under many different socks. She seeks people to unfairly target simply to exercise her power to lie about them and to stalk them.

Her admission in her twitter account goes as follows: “I have always been proud of being able to go in for the kill with a smile. It’s not personal, it’s business :)” It is in this one post that she admits her desire to kill the truth.

She is utterly incapable of anything constructive. She is only capable of destructive behavior and of defamation of innocent targets.

Her own twitter postings are the proof of my narrative.

End of line.

Stay tuned


Someone still has not figured out how Twitter works or is lying about not knowing how Twitter works. She STILL has not learned that ignoring and moving on is the best solution. She is the only one that still hangs in there with her demented postings.

Proof positive she gets off on stalking old men.

Stay tuned


The liar has been caught and is now retreating from her accusations. I have been falsely accused once again.

IF that person had that so called proof, she would be more than willing to share it. Since there is no proof, it is once again a clear indication of her willingness to lie.

I still do not understand why this pathological liar simply cannot move on to another target.

I guess stalking old men is the only thing she is capable of.

Stay tuned