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ESPNBIMBOThere are certain people who are employed in certain occupations who place themselves on their own pedestal of importance. These ego driven personalities seem to feel that because of a few lucky breaks, their position and fame allows them to flaunt their superiority upon those who may not have the important or fame ridden occupations.


One TV personality who flaunted her position and fame learned an expensive lesson recently when she went off on a rage filled rant because someone dared to tow away her car.

As as a result of her rant, which, unfortunately for her, was caught on a closed circuit camera system, the famous tv personality got herself an unpaid week off. I am sure her fan base might have been affected by her rant as well.

This should serve as a lesson to those who flaunt their importance because of their occupation or self perceived fame that one error in judgement may well knock them off of their precious pedestal.