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nosnitchenOne thing seems not to have occurred to Anonymous and those who have attached themselves to Pops and the stunt he is pulling with the defamatory blog against me.

Pops is a rat, he is a snitch.

He has a habit of “telling on people.”

In all the accusations he has made against me, the worst is that I am being accused of saying some words in private.

There are people out there that are doing far, far worse yet he concentrates on me.

What Pops is doing is is getting his fix. He is addicted to being a snitch. He has to have someone to “tell on.” His history over the years is clear proof of this. Even prior to the Steubenville matter, Pops was telling on people.

Think not? Go back and check his history.

The point I am making here is this, if Pops is so intent on “telling on me” over what is overall some minor mistakes that anyone could have made, then what would he do if he found himself in a jam and he needed to get out of it.

He would be a fink, a rat, a government informant. He would sell out ANYONE in order to save himself.

He would sell out members of Anonymous if necessary.

The most common trait of an informant is that they are extremely selfish. They will sell out their best friend if they felt it necessary.

They are only loyal to themselves.

No matter what excuse he comes up with for his silly little blog against me, keep this thought in mind:

If he did not have me to squeal on, who else would he choose?

You perhaps?

Stay tuned