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sunfunlogoI will be documenting the trip to Lakeland, Florida starting at 6 am Friday, 4/24. I will be covering the events of the Sun N Fun from opening until closing for the final three days of the airshow. I will be streaming on both Meerkat and Periscope. I will also be posting still photos and videos on both of my twitter accounts:



I will also be posting images and videos to my facebook account :

My primary reason for using Meerikat and Periscope as stream platforms is because they do not force viewers to wait for commercials to air as does ustream and the other stream platforms that I have used in the past.

There are some pointers for those not familiar with these new stream methods.

streamappsFirst is that both of these utilities are meant for Apple devices only. The apps work best when viewed on either tablets or mobile devices. I have not tried the apps on my apple desktop or lap top so I do not know how the apps would work on either of thenm.

Second, not all features are available on desktops or pc laptops although live streams from both apps are viewable. The chat seen on mobile devices are not visible on desktop PC’s.

The advantage of this is that anyone just waning to view the live stream will not have to suffer through the clutter of chatting. I will be monitoring my twitter account so any comments can be made there.

Next: If you see an image sideways on your pc, it is because my Iphone would be tilted sideways to stream panoramic images. You cannot tilt the image on a pc to match the stream. This is one drawback of both apps.

Next: The only way to know when I am on the air is to follow and monitor my twitter account if viewing on a pc.

When viewing the app on your apple device, you can follow and then search for my streams when I am either on the air or if I have saved any videos on Periscope. The videos remain there for 24 hours.

This cannot be done on a pc as both services want you to down the apps to a mobile device. However, if I do go on the air, the link will be sent to Twitter and you simply click on it to view the stream.

There will be a number of venues I will be covering in May that might be of interest so stay tuned for details as I schedule and post about them.

Stay tuned