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newanonAs with anything long term, Anonymous is evolving from what it started out to be when founded so many years ago. Anonymous has been around for quite a long time.

A good many of the original Anonymous members have moved on to other things or are in Jail or dead. In their place is the new generation of Anonymous. As more of these new people get involved, they bring with themselves their own ideals, their own agendas.

There were some unspoken rules within Anonymous. One rule was that disputes in the hive stay within the hive. Anonymous business stays private. That rule was broken long before Sabu came on the scene and public squabbles between different #ops and individuals have become commonplace and quite public.

Other unspoken rules had to do with matters such as not drawing unwanted attention to Anonymous. Being a fame whore was a deadly sin.

The one major rule of Anonymous is that you do not become an informant.

You do not become a snitch.

kingratAnd then there are the Anonymous like Deric and Pops who seize on the attention garnered by Anonymous for their own selfish purposes.

There are an increasing number of the new Anonymous that openly break and disregard the unspoken rules.

knightsecmoney2These kind of new Anonymous are starved for attention and importance. They do things, even if it draws negative attention to themselves, solely for that attention. Deric does it by begging and Pops does it by being a habitual snitch.

By design, Anonymous has no control over itself. Yes there are unofficial enforcers that call themselves “The Real Anonymous.” who try and get Anonymous back on track, but their efforts have been largely futile as the new generation ignores them.

The very core of what makes Anonymous is what is destroying it.

There are no rules other than the unspoken ones.

Rules that are unspoken are often not heard.

Stay tuned