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shotinbackThe recent shooting of a black man is yet another example of unwarranted violence being waged against an unarmed citizen by a law enforcement officer. There seems to be a marked increase in the number of abuses by law enforcement officers towards suspects.

protectandserveLaw enforcement officers have a great deal of power that is entrusted to them. They take an oath to use that power wisely to serve and protect the public that pays their wages. Unfortunately there are an increasing number of them who are abusing that power.

It is easy to use race as an excuse for these excesses. In most of the recent high profile cases, it is a white cop violating the rights of a black person which is an age old problem in this country. There are, however, many cases where race is not a factor.

journalistarrestedThere have also been a number of cases where journalists covering protests have found themselves arrested simply for photographing a policeman in the act of abuse. There are even cases were photographing a policeman in the process of detaining someone got a person arrested.

The core cause of these problems seems to be the increasing difficulty recruiting people to join law enforcement. Not many people want a job where you are hated and where you may be killed at any time while doing your job. As a result, some local agencies have become lax at who they hire. They might bend or disregard guidelines and tests to determine who may or may NOT be qualified to wear that badge.

It is incumbent on all law enforcement agencies both large and small to be certain that whoever wears that badge be the best qualified and best trained individual they can find.

My life and yours depend on it.

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