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Monthly Archives: May 2015

haleighI was made aware, that once again a certain blogger felt it necessary to mention me by name in a  recent article on it’s hate blog. The one thing the blogger stated struck me as rather odd. The blogger denied having anything to do with the fate of Haleigh Cummings and went on to state that the Cummings family had moved on.

KYRONWhat the blogger FAILED to mention is that, as I pointed out in my blog is that the other missing child’s family had NOT moved on and were, in fact, highly active in finding out where the child is and bringing the killer to justice.

The backgrounds of the families are quite similar. Members of both families have troubling backgrounds including those who are named as suspects in the fates of the children and both are accused of having information that they have refused to disclose.

The denial of any involvement in the fate of Haleigh by the blogger is suspect for the simple reason that NOBODY including PCSO has any idea of who the blogger is. The blogger has written certain “facts” in claiming who it is, where it lives, it’s current occupation and so forth.

In all these years the blogger has not offered any kind of proof of the so called facts. No photos no irl name, nothing. Outside perhaps one or two people whose honesty is in question, who have claimed to met the blogger in person NOBODY has any idea of who the blogger is or if the person even exists.

Many believe that the blogger username is actually a shared account used by several individuals and that many of the “authors” on that blog are “sock names” as well.

The lead law enforcement agency in charge of investigating Haleigh’s case have no idea who the person is.

The blogger in question has gone through an elaborate process to hide their identity. Because of this, it would be an expensive process for law enforcement to track this person down (PROVIDED THERE IS SUCH A PERSON) to determine if its denial is, in fact, valid.

One final point. Florida has one of the most liberal open records laws in this country. IF there had been an investigation into one or more “anonymous” individuals regarding Haleigh, it would be a matter of public record. There is none regarding an anonymous blogger from either another state or country.

Unless or until that blogger is able to PROVE that it had nothing to do with what happened to Haleigh and is investigated by law enforcement, its denial is invalid.

Stay tuned


haleighKYRONTwo children vanished within a year of each other, one last seen by her father’s live in girlfriend and the other last seen by her step mother. In both cases, the debate on social media was intense and divided. Theories and accusations abounded. Personal attacks against those close to the child as well as those within the true crime social media community intensified.

As time passed, the debates and accusations diminished as both cases went cold and attention faded.

Then a strange thing happened. There were a few who still had questions about the fate of Haleigh Cummings, the first of the two children who vanished. Those who still had hope she was alive were mocked. “She is dead, deal with it” stated one blogger.

Things are different, however, in the case of Kyron Horman. It is assumed that he is dead as well, but recently the talk on true crime social media by various parties questions that belief. Another development is the intensity of the debate and the obsession over his fate and the alleged involvement of those around him.

Rather than fading into obscurity the way Haleigh Cummings has, the interest in Kyron has intensified far beyond what was the case when he first came to the attention of the true crime social media community so many years ago.

Do not mistake my commentary for I feel that people should never stop asking questions about what is the fate of a missing child and that hope that the child is still alive should never fade.

What I am addressing here is the polar opposite attitudes of certain parties when it comes to c0nclusions about the fate of each child in these two cases. The same parties that declare that it is wrong to obsess over the fate of Haleigh Cummings are obsessing over the fate of  Kyron Horman.

The true crime social media community has turned into an arena where a jockeying for a position of power and influence is taking place at the cost of honest and ethical debate. Rather than try and find the answers as to the fate of each of these missing children, the members of the true crime social media community have instead, resorted to personal attacks and smears.

The true crime social media is in a state of decay. People are giving up and leaving in droves. Their source of information is once again the mainstream media who are the ultimate victors.

The mainstream media has dodged the bullet and have become the victors. The threat of bloggers and forums taking the public’s interest away from the mainstream media was diminished by those who are greedy for power and influence. 

Rather than unite for a common cause, the members of the social media community fight each other for power and influence.

Those so called true crime social media community “leaders” have shown themselves to be the immature fools the mainstream media accused them of being.

A hope for a united front in the quest for finding answers to why children are missing has been lost due to these immature fools.

Stay tuned


trainrockThe recent train wreck in Philadelphia could have been caused by something as simple as kids throwing rocks at the locomotive. It would not take a large rock and could have easily been a brick. Kids have been throwing things at trains for at least a century so something like this being the cause of the derailment is not as far fetched as one might think.

trainrockThere are reports that someone contacted the conductor 20 minutes before the derailment to inform him of similar problems with other trains. If this is the case, the conductor may be cleared of any fault as a result of the accident.

Stay tuned



firedteacherI was dismayed when I came across this story of a teacher who had her third class students send a convicted cop killer get well wishes and cards to the prison where he is serving a life sentence.


My dismay did not end there as there is more to the story than this teacher being fired for what most would have agreed was a seriously bad mistake in judgement on the part of the teacher.

It turns out that the termination of the teacher is not the end of the story but is, instead, just the beginning.

The teacher is, in fact, appealing the decision of the school board and is fighting to get her job back. The teacher also has the support of not only many in her community but a large number of fellow educators and members of the public at large.

teachtweetIt is hard to understand why someone would support this kind of affront against the law enforcement officer who was killed by this person. It is also hard to understand why third graders would be asked to do such a thing.

The teacher’s excuse is that she was trying to teach her students compassion. I am sorry but I do not buy it. The teacher’s actions were wrong in every sense of the word.

This is yet another example of the increased drifting away from the basics of education and drifting towards political and personal agendas being introduced into the classroom. The fact that this was being done to third graders is even more startling.

It has been the trend for generations that political activism usually starts either late in high school or in the nation’s colleges and universities.

In most cases the activism has been led by the students and not so much by their educators.

fselementryHaving something of this nature being introduced as early as the third grade is just plain wrong. It should be the duty of educators to teach the basics, reading writing and arithmetic to the lower grade students and leave the “political sciences” to be taught in colleges and universities.

It is time to stop Indoctrinating students and to start educating them.

Stay tuned


opsec1While following the dispute over Deric L’s actions, I decided to visit his twitter account and look over his profile. In his profile I noticed a link to his paypal account that he uses to process transactions and for another purpose I was not aware of.

opsec2When I clicked on that link, I was directed to his paypal account with the usual information that is requested when paying for goods or services on line. At the bottom left hand corner of the Paypal page is yet another hyperlink. This is labeled Project Knightsec which is the Op he headed when involved with the Big Red rape case in Steubenville, Ohio.

opsec3It is when one clicks on that link that something odd happens. Rather than going to the website of Deric’s computer business, the link directs you to an error page that tells you that the Knightsec website no longer exists.

Now this is something of a problem since there is a mixed message as to what the payments are for. I noticed that there is clearly a “donation” option on the Paypal page and not one thing is mentioned about this being a donation site, but rather is supposed to be a payment processing site for a business.

If Paypal is not aware of this discrepancy, they should be.

501c3Paypal has strict rules regarding the seeking of donations. One of those requirements is that the account holder must have a 501c designation from the IRS.

From what I understand, Deric is operating a for profit business.

As a businessman, Deric should have known that this would confuse his customers and may also complicate his corporate filings when it comes to tax matters. He is not a 501c but rather is an LLC which is a  for profit organization. The latter means that he must pay his taxes IN ADVANCE and file estimated earnings quarterly. His tax liability also comes at the first of the taxable year and not April 15th as those who are employees are obligated to do so.

In addition, as an LLC, he has to file articles of incorporation with whatever state his business is registered in. The information must include ALL officers and owners of the corporation and there are also other mandatory filings that a LLC is required to complete.


I have watched how Deric has operated his business and I do not feel he is doing so properly. Deric may not be aware of how to properly operate a business. He certainly should NOT have filed as an LLC. There are more appropriate papers to file that does not require the designation as an LLC yet would offer the same legal protections that a LLC offers. This is a common mistake with young business professionals and it is a mistake that can have dire consequences if not corrected.

Stay Tuned


I have been following the recent battle between former hero Kyanonymous and a blog/forum that has been calling him to task for his conduct over the past couple of years.

Things came to a head within the last 24 hours when he was accused of making statements that included the posting of personal information and threats of bodily harm against a single woman with a child.

I am also equally concerned that those running the blog/forum in question do not realize that they may be pushing him to the breaking point and the result may be that he does something out of desperation.

It is one thing to threaten certain actions but it is another thing to act on them. Unfortunately He has crossed a line and it may be time for the authorities to step in and deal with his actions. With his federal case rumored to be due to go to trial this fall, Mr Lostutter is not helping matters by engaging in these careless actions.

For his own good and for the good of the public at large, it might be wise for those who live in the area where he lives to report his actions to the appropriate authorities. In addition, the Columbus, Ohio office of the FBI and State Atty should be contacted as they are handling the prosecution of the federal charges against him..

Also, those running the blog/forum that is criticizing him might want to use due caution in order to prevent him being pushed into doing something rash.

People have varying levels before they reach a breaking point and engage in violent actions. It is beginning to look like Kyanonymous is reaching his.

Stay tuned


One of the results of the recent lawsuit between the two co-owners of Websleuths is the creation of a new true crime forum.

This new forum has already started to amass a large number of registered users and according to the main page, is generating thousands of messages. If this trend continues, the new forum may well become a major source of information and debate within the true crime internet community.

Stay tuned